Things That (P)inspire Me: Words, words, words…


What do you read, my lord?


Words, words, words.

-Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2, by some old guy… rhymes with “steaks beer.”

(Thank you for humoring my theatre and literature nerdy-ness for just a moment.)

Ok, I looove DIY wall art, but I lack the key artistic skills necessary for the more obvious things (painting, drawing, etc.). However, I’m a big fan of words as decor, or typography as most of the blogosphere is referring to it (though the definition of the word typography is a little narrower than just “word art,” but I’ll ignore that for the sake of simplicity).

Last week, I posted about using to make fun, customized word clouds. After posting this, I got all excited about words as decor… then looked around my apartment and realized I was kind of already doing this (oh, the things I do to compensate for my lack of artistic skills):

These Mr. and Mrs. pillows in my bedroom…

Pinned Image

The word “LOVE” right above the bed…

Pinned Image

See the “YUM” letters in the kitchen?

Pinned Image

Even one of my Christmas gifts to my brother involved words: Scrabble Tile Magnets

scrabble tile magnets

Variations on a theme, as you can see. So, I decided to probe the depths of Pinterest (along with a little Google image search action) to curate a collection of other examples of words as decor. As always, click on the image to take you back to the original source website.

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Dresser with words made out of nail heads

Source: Fresh Home Ideas

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Oh, Anthropologie...

Source: Me and Jilly (but originally featured at Anthrpologie)

Happy.(p.s. all these pictures are from the archived files on my computer. If you know where they’re from, please share and I’ll be happy to give credit!)


Source: Scrap Studio

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No, you are MY sunshine!

Source: Cellar Designs’ Etsy shop

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Source: Home Goods blog

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Click on the image to take you to a blog tutorial about how to do lettering without a stencil!

Source: That’s My Letter

Well, obviously I would love Scrabble tile pillows... who doesn't?

Source: Emma Smart

Top 500 SAT words shower curtain -- It's sold out, by the way, but I could totally make one of these.

Source: Urban Outfitters

Eye chart wall art

Source: ROC Eye Chart Art

Pinned Image

Cardboard letters wrapped in a sheet of moss

Source: Pottery Barn

Pinned Image

Yarn wrapped letters

Source: Cotton & Curls

Pinned Image

a map of the world

Source: The Meta Picture


Letters wrapped in a page of a map

Source: Callaloo Soup

Framed letter collage

Source: eighteen25

Oversized Textured Wall Letters

Letters wrapped in string and tissue paper

Source: Kids’ Activities Blog

Pinned Image

Large quote on plywood

Source: Nothing but Bonfires

Pinned Image

"Love" string art

Source: Que Linda

Ooh… I especially like the last one. Reminds me of this project, but a slightly different technique. Hope you enjoyed my finds!

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