Wedding Wednesday: Guestbooks and Guestly Stuff

I’m aware that guestly is not a word (so is the predictive text on my iPad).

But I wasn’t sure what else to call the various activities that you might want your guests to participate in at your reception, i.e., everything that isn’t eating and perhaps dancing.

Even the most unusual weddings have some form of a guestbook, but nowadays brides and grooms seem to be taking it a step farther with more personalized traditions.  And since most of these can be relatively inexpensive, I thought this was good cause for a round-up.

First off, our wedding:  Aside from the traditional guest book, we also had a “Wishes” jar.  We took a simple glass apothecary jar, attached a sign made from super fancy (not) printer paper, then cut about 200 pieces of paper and fanned them around the table.  Guests were encouraged to write a wish that they had for our future, then place them in the jar.

Aside from the fact that I was able to incorporate our wedding colors (orange and green), this activity also made for some interesting reading later.  (Wishes ranged from hopeful and sweet to hilarious and naughty.)

Since I already had the jar and the paper (and even still, I used very little paper), I spent zero dollars on this project, yet it had a big impact in that it occupied our guests while the catering staff changed over the room and got the food out (and like I said before, it made for some very interesting reading material later).

Ok, enough about us.  I prowled the Internet, as I often do, and came up with a few more cost-effective options for your wedding guests’ pleasure.  The image is linked up to the original website, where it was available (many of these have corresponding tutorials to help you with the tricky details).


Guest polaroids {Source: Girly Wedding}


Guestbook Tree {Source: Chanelleaxis Flickr}


A Letter for guests to sign and display in your home
{Source: So into Weddings}


Guest fingerprint balloons
{Source: Oh Amanda}


Picture matte for guests to sign
{Source: Exclusively Weddings}

wish tree :  wedding Wish Tree

Wish tree
{Source: Wedding Bee}

Wish tree!

Wish tree
{Source: Pinterest page}


Wish tree
{Source: Here Comes the Guide}

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