Where I’ve Been the Last Month…



Nah, just kidding.  I haven’t left the country or anything… but I have been maniacally busy the last month, thus the complete lack of a post throughout most of the holidays.  I sold my soul to the restaurant the day after Thanksgiving, and it was just recently returned to me.


Yes, I’m still employed, but we have entered what is known as “slow season,” therefore I have a smidgen more time on my hands.  (I know, right?  Can you imagine people not wanting to visit the Big Apple when it’s a balmy twenty degrees… with a breeze?).  However, I’m not gaining a ton of free time, because while the restaurant is slowing down, audition season is starting to pick up.  Big time.


All of this to say, while I make no New Year’s resolutions about blogging more often, or going back to my good ol’ five days a week like I did in 2011 and most of 2012, I am gonna try my darnedest to post more consistently (it’s entirely possibly that I’ve said the exact same thing in the last three blog posts I wrote, so forgive me if I’m a Liar McLiar Pants… But my intentions are noble).


Ok, enough blogging about blogging.  Blaaaahhhh.  Here are a few highlights from the last month.  (Because there’s no way you’re over the holidays yet.  Impossible.)


My mama had a birthday!


My mama-in-law had a birthday!


I had a birthday!


And Jesus had a birthday!



Let’s talk more about that last one.


Like I mentioned before, with the volume of tourists that come through NYC (especially Times Square), the holidays are a crazy-busy time for that-restaurant-where-I-work (shh… it’s a secret).  Despite this, we had our own kind of Christmas miracle happen in that Josh and I both had Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off, and we got to work together on New Year’s Eve… wait for it… in Times Square.  Like across the street from where the ball droppedLike the ball.


It’s the first New Year’s Eve I’ve worked anywhere, but the fact that I was where I was, and that Josh was there too — it definitely made it worthwhile.

2012-12-31 20.44.23

And with Christmas Day off, we got to go do things that normal people do on Christmas Day… Like see movies….


(Here’s lookin’ at you, Hugh Jackman…)

Eat delicious yet unhealthy food….

(no pictures… it was gone too quickly)


…And open presents!


Nola really got into it, too.




It was an all-around lovely holiday season — and busy.


That’s all for today, but I do have another post coming up — after all I didn’t make it through the entire Christmas season and not do a little DIY.  More next time!


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