I’m Courtney, the “Ginger Penny Pincher,” and as the self-appointed title indicates, I am a thrift-thrill-seeker and redhead extraordinaire!

Originally from the Gulf Coast, hailing from Atlanta, I recently relocated to the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, New York City, NY.  When I’m not blogging, I work as an actress, singer, dancer, and choreographer on the stage and screen.

(Check out my very-much-a-work-in-progress website: http://www.courtneyfosterdonahue.com)

Fueled by a frugal fashion-finding fervor, a deftly driven desire for deals, and an all-around excellent handle of alliteration — I mean did you read that sentence? — I started this blog as a way of providing info and tips for those hoping to save money, but not dramatically alter their lifestyle.

In addition to saving money, I also explore ways to save non-monetary resources through various outlets, including up-cycling, antiquing, re-purposing, and energy saving.  Armed only with a starving artist’s wallet and an acumen for savings and style, I look forward to blogging about my penny-pinching adventures while living in one of the most expensive cities in the nation in the midst of a recession!

(You read that whole thing?  I like you already!)

Oh and I did I mention my awesome, talented, super-cute actor husband?  Well, here he is: www.joshdonahue.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Courtney,

    I just want to say that I love your writing. Your style, tone, and wording are excellent! Such a fun read and FULL of personality! I just happened upon your blog from your Facebook status. Hope you and Josh are doing great!

  2. You Rock! I’m going to try several of your ideas. I hope one day to see you on TV with a show or something….because I think people would just love your ideas and you.

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