Leisure Time and Rosario the Paintbrush

I’m a terrible person to sit and watch a movie with.  I’m slightly better for TV shows (perhaps because they are inevitably shorter ), but not much better.


It’s not ADD.  It’s just that I can’t stand the thought of not multi-tasking.  I’ll sit down, resolve myself to one task, assure Josh that I’m in it for the long haul, and before I know it my hands have magically found a bottle of nail polish… or a piece of paper just begging to have a to do list written upon it.

And these things always seem to be lying around — perhaps my subconscious strategically positions them for my multi-tasking advantage?

(It’s this fact about me that makes me a terrible patient.  Even when I had mononucleosis in high school and I was told to “sleep and rest as much as possible,” I remember very few times where I was actually in bed.  Thus the reason why when I get sick, I tend to stay sick longer than the average person — just in case you thought I never washed my hands or took my vitamins, Judgy McJudgerson.)

So… this past weekend when I was done with my princess gigs (true story), I set out to do the unthinkable: watch a TV show and do. nothing. else.  Just the idea made my hands fidget, but I knew that I must try to do these things occasionally… it’s character-building.  So I got out the ol’ iPad Dos (that’s Spanish for 2), pulled up my Netflix app (that’s short for “application”), and decided to watch an episode of Scrubs (that’s a … nevermind).  

Epic fail.  After five minutes, my eyes wandered to the utensil container on my baker’s rack.  It suddenly struck me that I would fancy my wooden spoons any other color but “wood.”

So after pausing Scrubs long enough to confirm my suspicion that acrylic paint is indeed food-safe (it is), I set out to paint the handles.  I was actually fine with the spoon part being wood, but the handles were calling my paintbrush’s name (which is Rosario.)

(If you look closely, she has small flecks of glitter encased in her handle.)

And here’s the end result:

It’s not exactly tutorial worthy — there were no secret steps involved — I just… Taped off the stripes with painter’s tape, painted them, let them dry, removed the tape, thanked Rosario for her hard work, ya know.  Oh, and sealing the painted part with a food-safe varnish is a very smartypants idea, too.

And now aren’t they pretty?

I used clothespins to prop them up while they dried.

Rosario and I have a good time when we hang out.

Oh yeah, and that episode of Scrubs was pretty funny, too.


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7 thoughts on “Leisure Time and Rosario the Paintbrush

  1. LIKE! Really love the paint job. And I have to say, I wish I had your multi-tasking “affliction” – if there’s a movie or show on a screen, my attention will be RIVETED to it until the screen is turned off. During this time, I am completely useless, except for blurting out the occasional unwelcome commentary. :D So, revel in your exceptional usefulness! It’s a gift.

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