Unique Christmas Trees

As you may member from this post, I am allergic to Christmas trees.  A bit sad, perhaps, but I’ve always made due with fake ones and been perfectly content (I mean, I don’t really know any different, so I guess I don’t really know what I’m missing, right?).

Aside from fake yet real-looking ones, I also love other non-traditional types of trees, too.  (I have a fantastic gold metal tree that currently resides at my parents’ house.)

So in the spirit of Charlie Brown, space age metallic trees, and sad little children with evergreen allergies, I thought I would do a round-up of unique, non-living tree alternatives.


{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Fire and Ice}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

{Source: Not Martha}


3 thoughts on “Unique Christmas Trees

  1. Courtney have you ever checked to see if you’re allergic to Norfolk Island pines? In spite of their name, they aren’t true pines and are in a different family than the true pines, which include our traditional Christmas trees like spruces and firs. I ask because the Norfolk Island pine is a popular houseplant and if it doesn’t give you a problem you could get one to enjoy in your place year round, using your creative gift to turn it into a Christmas tree for the holidays. Here is a link: http://forestry.about.com/b/2012/11/11/your-next-christmas-tree-consider-norfolk-island-pine.htm

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