Things that (P)inspire Me: Wine Cork Crafts

***Is (P)inspire a made up word?  Of course.  But it comes from Pinterest, a fabulous organizational and free website that you should check out (now) if you’ve never heard of it before!  Also, check out similar posts here.

My mother — you may remember her — recently gave me the challenge of researching crafty uses for wine corks.  She’s helping throw an Italian-themed dinner party for 67 ladies (I forget the details).  They have about 70 wine corks and wanted to make party favors, so that’s about one cork per guest.  Challenge:  Accepted!

I turned to the ol’ Google image search and Pinterest for inspiration (I had a few ideas up my sleeve, but I like to get inspiration from those who have gone before me).

Here are my finds; some of them only require one cork, others… a lot of corks.  I sort of went off on a multi-corked tangent.  Ah well.  Hopefully, if you have a burgeoning cork collection, like I do, you may find uses for them among these ideas.

Pinned Image

Cork place card holders

Source:  New England Fine Living

Corks in a Vase

Source:  Reuse- Create

Pinned Image

Cork Hurricane

Source:  Two Twenty One

Pinned Image

Cork Parson's Chair

Source:  Urban Objects

cork USB

Source:  Zedomax

Pinned Image

cork club chair

Source:  Recyclart

cork heart

Source:  ewehoo!

cork wreath

Source:  Sterling Wine Online

Pinned Image

cork sphere

Source:  Glam Granola

Pinned Image

Cork "cork board"

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Pinned Image

champagne cork drawer pulls

Source:  Dollar Store Crafts

Pinned Image

Cork ink stamps

Source: DIY Life

Pinned Image

cork keychains

Source:  Cleverly Inspired

Pinned Image

cork in a vase with a candle

Source:  Love of the Sea

Pinned Image

cork monograms

Source:  Green is Universal

Pinned Image

Another variation of the cork board

Source:  Adventures in Creating

little cork planters, cute!!

cork planters

Source:  Piccsy

Pinned Image

Another variation of a cork place card holder

Source:  Party Frosting

Pinned Image

cork coffee table

Source:  Houzz

Pinned Image

Cork backsplash

Source:  Houzz

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11 thoughts on “Things that (P)inspire Me: Wine Cork Crafts

  1. Court, thanks for the great ideas! I would love to make some of these. Do you think we could ever have enough to make a chair?

    Thanks for doing the research


  2. I love your findings! Very clever. I remember when i was a kid, we made xmas orniments out of wine corks. Usually animals. They were fun. I think my mom still has at least 1 of them. Brought back some memories. Thank you!

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