My Love, My Life, My Planner

It’s no secret that I love organizing and list-making.  So it should come as no surprise that few things fill me with greater joy than a new planner.  I’m sure many of you might think I’m speaking with hyperbole… or maybe that I’m just being ironic… but nope, I’m just that crazy (about planners).

Last week, I was browsing a Brooklyn $0.99 store — and by the way, in NYC $0.99 stores can also be $29.99 stores — when I found a perfect planner for a mere $0.99.  I’ve been needing a new planner, but I’ve been putting it off since those things are best found in places like Target, which is a 30 minute subway ride away — something I just haven’t found time for lately.

This isn’t to say that I’ve been without a planner this whole time; I bought the current one I have last summer when I realized my previous 2011 one wasn’t meeting my scheduling needs (yes, I am slightly embarrassed over my dorky-ness as I type this).  But since that one only went through the end of May, I had an issue. Count my lucky stars when I found a planner — comparable to the majesty and awesomeness of my previous one — for a mere $0.99!  Similar planners start at about $8 and can be upwards of $30, so yeah I was pleased.

Ok, so this post isn’t just about my new planner, though that would be a news-worthy talking point in my book.  I decided that since I paid so little, I might try to decorate it.  After all, I do look at it every day, if not several times a day (without my planner, I’m like a chicken with my head cut off).

I’ve always liked the texture and multi-dimensional look of things with cut-outs, and I figured I could achieve a similar look with an Exacto knife and a smidgen of patience.  I’ve never enjoyed cutting anything circular with Exacto knives, so I knew that something like polka dots or quatrefoil would be out (much to my chagrin).  I turned to the Interwebz for inspiration:

Cutout mini skirt

{Source: Posh Posh}

Topshop wallet
Gilded cut-out Osklen bag

{Source: Fashion Week Daily}

Since I was only keeping my old planner around for tax record purposes,  and since my old planner was made from a similar, pleather-like material, I would use it as a guinea pig.

As you can see, I pretended like a quatrefoil pattern was possible.  I also tried a chevron pattern, but I thought it was reading way too Charlie Brown for my taste (though I love me some Peanuts gang).  I was dead-set against any kind of words or a saying because I didn’t want it to get into junior high land (something easily done when you’re talking about decorating a planner).

However, when I tried the harlequin window pane pattern, I was more than pleased.

I decided to cut out the pattern, then affix a contrasting piece of scrapbook paper (also $0.99) to the underside, that way the pattern would show through the “windows.”  And voila!


Yeah, it took a lot of measuring, a lot of planning, a lot of cutting,  A LOT of patience, and a fair amount of time, but I’m more than pleased with the end result.

And I felt comforted knowing that if I failed epicly, I could just recycle my mess-up and get another one… for $0.99.  It was hardly a risk.

How about you?  Have you embellished an every day item recently?  Are you as crack-addicted to planners as I am?  Organizing?  To do lists?  Am I the only one?!


4 thoughts on “My Love, My Life, My Planner

  1. There were wise words concerning frugality from the wonderful pen of Courtney, then there were a couple of nice pictures of the planner she bought, then there was a picture of a young woman with amazing legs in a mini-skirt, and then–uh, actually, being a guy I’m having a bit of trouble recalling anything past that point….

  2. I really really really looooove planners. :D I currently have 2 ( if you don’t count my iPhone) – one for my purse and one for teaching/work. #dork! Your journal looks absolutely lovely, very impressed here!

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