Mother Nature is My Home Girl

Happy Earth Day, y’all!   (And thanks, Google… you always come through with your clever home screens right when I think I might forget medium important holidays and random botanists’ birthdays.)

But seriously, I love the planet, I love DIY, and it’s no secret that I love saving the murnies, so logically I love upcycling like nobody’s business.

Bring on the Earth-Day-themed-upcycling-posts-throwback-round-up-trip-down-memory-lane-smorgasbord-of-April-twenty-second’s love!


(Click on the image or the link above the image to take you to the original post!)

Vinyl Record Bowl

free dog toy toilet paper roll

Nice Knobs!  (Salvaged Crystal Door Knobs)


Vintage Yardsticks and Rulers

{Source: Corner House Blog}

Wine Cork Crafts

{Source: ewehoo!}


Unique Christmas Trees

As you may member from this post, I am allergic to Christmas trees.  A bit sad, perhaps, but I’ve always made due with fake ones and been perfectly content (I mean, I don’t really know any different, so I guess I don’t really know what I’m missing, right?).

Aside from fake yet real-looking ones, I also love other non-traditional types of trees, too.  (I have a fantastic gold metal tree that currently resides at my parents’ house.)

So in the spirit of Charlie Brown, space age metallic trees, and sad little children with evergreen allergies, I thought I would do a round-up of unique, non-living tree alternatives.


{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Fire and Ice}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

{Source: Not Martha}

Herringbone Lovefest

Herringbone.   I could say lots of things about this lovely pattern… that it is called so because it resembles the bones of a herring (fish)… that it is absolutely different from chevron in that is has a sharp divide at the reversal… that it is often found in wool fabrics, but that I happen to love it most in a larger size and in bright colors… or I could just cut straight to the pretty pictures!

Ok, the last one.

(Just as a reminder, none of these pictures are my own and have been given appropriate credit where I could find the original source — just click on the image or refer to the caption.  If you choose to re-Pin, do so correctly, that is, don’t link them back to this blog.  Thanks!)

Google Image Result for

{Source: Perfectly Imperfect}

Google Image Result for

Hannah Kate Flora

Google Image Result for

{Source: Indulgy}

herringbone floor

{Source: Unknown via Pinterest}

Herringbone floor tiles

{Source: Greige Design}

herringbone pillow diy

{Source: Two Delighted}


{Source: Hey, Nice Nails}


{Source: Urban Outfitters}


{Source: Better After}


{Source: Cozamania}

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My husband’s on Pinterest! (And other amusing updates)

Hi loyal readers and web surfers!  Hope everyone had a great week… because that’s been about the last time since I blogged.  And if I’m gonna be reeeaaally honest, it’s kinda been like since May that I for real blogged.  I mean, I had a week here and there, a random I-just-can’t-contain-myself-this-is-too-exciting-I-mean-decoupaged-clip-boards-and-99-cent-wall-art-SERIOUSLY post, but otherwise this summer has been kind of GPP Lite.

But now I’m back (BACK, back in a New York groove).

If you’re keeping track of these kinds of things, that will be the one and only time I ever quote the band, KISS…  But nothing against 80’s hair bands.

This picture is amazing.

Ok, back to the point.  Since it’s been a week (and then some), I thought I’d update you on my most recent goings-on… aside from the amazing-ness that is the title of this post — but we’ll get to that in a minute.  And I’m in a kind of a fancy, bullet point kind of mood, so that will be my M.O. — if you can call it that.  Yeah, let’s call it that.

  • Last Monday, I drove with the Josh, the Nola, and the Margeaux ALL DAY LOOONG from Atlanta to NYC.  But you already know that from this post.  What you may not know — unless you read the comments — is that my worst suspicions were confirmed: The Carolina Raptor Center has basically nothing to do with dinosaurs.  Deep gutteral sigh.
  • On Tuesday, I hit the ground running with 3 interviews at 3 different restaurants.  In case you read this consistently and/or are a friend or family member of mine who knows me well, you’re probably thinking “What?  Don’t you have a nice, rewarding, and quasi-lucrative day job teaching young children about the joys of dance and theatre?”  The short answer is yes, I do.  However, I am considering a major lifestyle (read: schedule) change that will hopefully open myself up to more availability for auditions, callbacks, and shows (remember my real pursuit is performing… which often takes the backburner because of my darn, fixed schedule).  That’s the short answer.  The long answer I’ll probably discuss in greater detail in a post next week (or at least, that’s the plan).
  • On Wednesday, I went to an audition for a new musical called Kingdom Come… and I got it!  Yippee!  It’ll be running at the Secret Theatre up here in New York, September 11-13th!  Ok, so that’s all good and well, but I almost didn’t even go to this audition.  It was a gross, hot, rainy day, I was trying to get my hair to curl — my efforts were all in vain as it was far too humid for such things, and I had to take the train all the way to Queens (I know this last bit sounds whiny and pretentious, but that was before I discovered it’s actually a relatively short commute).  Josh had to leave at the same time for work, so we walked together, sharing one umbrella (which certainly added to the frustration).  Then, I took one step up the stairs to the train and this happened:

Seriously, I was so upset, I burst into tears.  Right?  because just what I needed to be viewed as: the crazy redhead girl who obviously tried to curl her hair to no avail in the water-spotted dress and the broken wedge heel.  Who does she think she is?  Fortunately my WONDERFUL Josh was with me and literally talked me down (I mean, I was about to turn around and just limp home), but he said “Just go anyway.  Be careful when you walk and tell the people about your shoe as an ice breaker.”

Still crying and making not cute faces (I’d tell you that I did the Claire Danes’ lip quiver, but fortunately my face isn’t capable of that), I got on the train and schlepped it all the way to Long Island City, Queens.  I took Josh’s advice and not only told the audition people about my shoe, but even used it in my song (which just so happened to reference a shoe… seriously).  And… I got the job!  And I like to think it was based on about 10% my own talent and skill and 90% Josh nudging me onward despite the rain, the crying, and the broken (favorite) shoe.  Did I mention it’s my favorite pair of shoes?  (But worry not, I fixed them last week.  More on that Thursday!)

P.S. — The glue in shoes from Payless is indeed water-soluble.  Proceed with caution :)

Back to the bullet points…

  • On Thursday, I did a few things, but most importantly I went to a book event for Feminist Ryan Gosling the Book (like the tumblr blog but in book form).

Aside from the win-win that is anything mashing up feminism and Ryan Gosling into one, they had free wine and beer.  Wait.  That was a major factor in going.  

Yep.  But it was a fun event nonetheless :)  And it was held in the Public Housing Works Book Cafe, which is so purdy on the inside…

Not that you could tell from my dark Android phone photography.

  • Friday was pretty uneventful, except that I may have gotten a job on that day (we’ll know for sure tonight or tomorrow morning).
  • Saturday and Sunday involved a lot of to do list making and crossing off.  Like, serious crossing off.  You see, when I got home on Monday, I was so desperate to just get unpacked in any ol’ way and get to bed that I sort of dumped everything out into the bottom of my closet.  Well, not literally, but pretty close.  And this split second decision (and all of the “unpacking” I did in five minutes Monday night) resulted in a two day unpacking-cleaning-getting-my-clothing-and-accessories-together event.

One of my tasks was to untangle my necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as they were all intertwined in one blingy pile. This took an entire hour, but in the ned I divided my earrings onto two hangers.  Here’s the pretty display earring tree:

I strategically chose my silver and pearly earrings since they were going to be out on this dresser.  Yeah, I’m that kind of home design nerd.

The rest I placed on my lovely new blue butterfly earring hanger and hid it behind my bedside-curtain-rod-bookshelf-thing:

Here’s what the whole bookshelf looks like with the curtain open:

Boo. Hiss.  And here it is closed:

So much better.

In the process, I realized I own 11 pairs of wedges:

If I wasn’t so impressed with myself, I’d be jealous.

Oh, and then I counted the rest of shoes… for a grand total of 37 pairs of shoes.  So, I’m no Imelda Marcos, but I’m not too proud either.

Ok, maybe a little bit.  :)

Then I found a happy hole for my shoes (as opposed to their previous bottom-of-the-closet home):

So that organization spree was my Saturday and Sunday, and that concluded my week!

Oh my goodness!  Lest I forget Josh’s foray into the world of Pinterest!!!

So, Josh has recently made a mid-year resolution (I know those aren’t real, but just go with me):  he’s decided he wants to start dressing better, because he has noted (as many of us have) that when he feels like he looks good, he feels more confident and sparkly and sunshiny and stuff like that (my words, not his).  In order to organize his thoughts and define his own style, he and his presh little self made a Pinterest page!

My favorite part is his tag line: “If Han Solo lived in the 21st century… I like to think he might have dressed like this.”

Looove it.

And now that he’s taken the plunge, I’ve found him saying things like “This is so addictive!”  and “Ooh!  Look at that!”  Doesn’t that just warm your heart?  Or something like that?  He’s developed Pinterest sympathy pangs for my own obsession.

So that was my week.  Action-packed?  Maybe not.  But busy nonetheless.  But not too busy to get some bloggin’ in, which is what you can expect for the rest of this week:

Wednesday:  Spray painting adventures (again)

Thursday:  E6000 glue don’t play

Friday:  Herringbone Lovefest

Stay tuned, my little goslings!

(Which is not be confused with Ryan Gosling fans, but they can stay tuned, too.)

Hard Hitting Topics: Quatrefoil

No, this post is not really about hard hitting topics.  In fact, my goal is to make this blog anything but that.  So yeah, there are some seriously awful things going in the world, especially in the last two weeks, but rather than discuss them or make light of them, I’m just going to avoid them all together… at least on this blog.  It’s called escapism!  And hopefully reading this little ol’ post from this little ol’ blog will brighten your day.  Fingers crossed.

Quatrefoil.  I heart quatrefoil sooo much that when I see it, I actually have a visceral reaction.  What’s quatrefoil, you ask?  Mayhaps you’re a little fuzzy on your textile patterns and architectural features?  OK!  I’ll remind you.

Here’s quatrefoil used in an abbey’s architecture:

File:Quatrefoil, St. Guthlac, Croyland Abbey.JPG

And here’s the kind of quatrefoil that I get a little more excited about:

Looove it.

And just for the sake of clarity (and a proper education), I googled quatrefoil and the endlessly-accurate-and-trustworthy-(sometimes) Wikipedia had an article about it.  Here’s what I gleaned from said article:

Quatrefoil, which is derived from the Latin quattour and folium, means “four leaves.”

Here are two common forms:


And there’s also the edgy and beloved barbed quatrefoil:

Like I said folks, the hard hitting topics.

And according to Wikipedia, barbed quatrefoil appeared as early as 1260… which makes me think the unbarbed kind has been around for even longer (likely).  In my book, that’s a timeless pattern.  (So there, blogging finger waggers who say that quatrefoil is just a fad… like chevron, which, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, was around as early as Ancient Egyptian times — and I had the poor quality Android phone pic to prove it!)

Fortunately for me — who happens to really love the pattern — quatrefoil has had a bit of a recent resurgence in textiles and home decor.  Which got me googling and pinning and… I feel a song Pinterest round-up coming on!

Check out some of my fave finds below — click on the image to find the original source.

 Quatrefoil Dhurrie Rug

{Source: Shades of Light}


{Source: Unknown via Pinterest}

Quatrefoil tray

{Source: Design Ties}

quatrefoil curtains

{Source: Z Gallerie}

quatrefoil pillow

{Source: The Jew in J. Crew}

starburst mirror & quatrefoil bed

{Source: Design School via House Beautiful}

quatrefoil light

{Source: Preston Lee Design via Design Shuffle}

quatrefoil stenciled dresser

{Source: Refresh Style}

quatrefoil rug!

{Source: A Little Bit of Everything}

quatrefoil mirror

{Source: Unknown via Pinterest}

Quatrefoil Mirror

{Source: Belle Maison}

{Source: Sandpiper Studios via Wallpaper Wholesale}

paint chip quatrefoil art

{Source: The Crafty Scientist}

quatrefoil stool table thing

{Source: Tatertots & Jello}

quatrefoil shade

{Source: LM Interior Design}

barbed quatrefoil comforter

{Source: Echelon Home via}

Quatrefoil wallpaper

{Source: The House of Smiths}

quatrefoil chair

{Source: Susanne Kelly via House of Turquoise}

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National Blueberry Month

It’s National Bueberry Month!  This makes perfect sense as they are at the season’s peak… and season’s peak can mean only one thing for a cheapskate penny pincher: the lowest prices of the year!  And because of the versatility of the blueberry, it’s a great time to stock up (they freeze so well) and try some new things with the beloved blueberry.  (It’s got lots of health benefits, too.  Duh.)

Blueberry Cheesecake Martini

Blueberry Cheesecake Cocktail
{Source: Daydreamer Desserts}

Blueberry Bourbon Cocktail

{Source: My Fiance Likes it, So it Must Be Good}

Blueberry Rosemary Cocktail

Blueberry Rosemary Cocktail
{Beakers & Bouillabaise}

Lemon-Blueberry Pretzel Cheesecake Squares

Lemon-Blueberry Pretzel Cheesecake Squares
{Source: Pillsbury}

blueberry and lemon mascarpone tart

Blueberry and Lemon Marscapone Tart
(Source: Donna Hay}

Blueberry Lemon Honey Jam Recipe

Blueberry-Lemon-Honey Jam
{Source: Driscoll’s}

Perfect Blueberry Syrup

“Perfect Blueberry Syrup”
{Source: Food & Wine}

Blueberry Marshmallows

Blueberry Marshmallows
{Source: Calabasas Candy Co. on Etsy}

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt
{Source: One Ordinary Day}

Blueberry                     Blueberry Sorbet

Blueberry Sorbet
{Source: Easy Paleo}

Blueberry Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting
{Source: Weeks of Menus}

Check out the whole blueberry board over on my Pinterest page (follow me!).

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Things that (P)inspire Me: Red, White, and Blue

The 4th of July is next week, which means you’ll soon be inundated with a lot of red, white, and blue.  My guess is that it will be in the form of a lot of tacky decor…  I know, it’s a long shot, but something tells me an American flag visor will be involved (possibly with sequins and battery powered lights).  I’d bet on it.

However, I think it is still possible to combine these patriotic colors and still retain some degree of elegance (it’s how our forefathers would have wanted it — they told me so).  Enjoy today’s patriotic round-up!

As always, click on the image or refer to the caption for the original source, and do the same when Pinning any of these items!

Pinned Image

{Source: Decor Pad}

{Source: Coastal Living}


{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

Turquoise Red   French Bedroom

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

Turquoise & Red Bedroom

{Source: Decor Pad}


{Source: The Lenoxx}

Red bathroom with vintage blue swimsuit

{Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Living room overall

{Source: Better Homes and Gardens}

Patrick's room - blue/red

{Source: I Heart Organizing}

red and turquoise

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

Red and Turquoise

{Source: Vintage Revivals}

Turquoise and red

{Source: Paint Quality Institute}

red with turquoise?

{Source: xJavierx’s photostream}

red + turquoise

{Source: Color Love}

Turquoise and Red

{Source: The Lennoxx}

#turquoise and #red

{Source: SF Girl Bay}

turquoise and red

{Source: Design Sponge}

turquoise and red

{Source: Apartment Therapy}


{Source: Sara Hexley Photography}

red white and blue living room

{Source: I Suwanee}

#Decor: white room with lots of pops of  pink, blue, red and green colors in the decorative accessories.

{Source: Arcadian Home}



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Ah, Plastic Utensils

About three weeks ago I did a round-up about upcycled silverware.

Here are some of my faves…

Rock On x Peace x Love Special Collector set 3 Silverware Coat Hooks

{Source: JJEverson Art}

{Source: Pretty Handy Girl}

Upcycled silverware got me thinking about upcycled plastic utensils, particularly spoons… (And by upcycled, I really just mean the utensils that you get from take-out that you might otherwise just throw away.  Or maybe you threw a party and now you find yourself with ten thousand spoons and all you need is a knife. Yeah, I just quoted Alanis Morisette.)

Regardless of how you got them (or get them), it turns out that they can do some handy dandy things aside from fill the farthest recess of your silverware drawer.

So… Here are my finds!

Click on the image or refer to the caption for the original source.  Please do the same if you choose to pin any of these lovelies — let’s give credit where credit is due!

recycled plastic spoons

Spoon Chandelier
{Source: Furniture Kue}

plastic spoons - what?

Chrysanthemum Plastic Spoon mirror
{Source: Addicted 2 Decorating}

Plastic spoons!!

Plastic spoon wreath
{Source: Nesting Place}

Melted plastic spoon flower
{Source: Indulgy}

spoon mirror via country living From Trash to Treasure

{Source: From Trash to Treasure}

Plastic spoon chandelier

{Source: blog.gecko}

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Don’t forget…

Homemade Cleaning Supplies Round-up

We all have lofty goals and New Year’s resolutions… Things we talk about and obsess over, but perhaps never do.  For some it’s to lose weight… or quit smoking… or quit caffeine (crazy talk!).

For me… well, it’s a lot of things.  If I were to list them all here, it would probably begin with humor and likely end with me crying over my iPad screen, which is far less cute than it sounds (tears on a touchscreen = bad news bears).

However, one thing on my “to do one day” list is to quit store bought cleaners, hunker down, and make my own.  While I haven’t done that yet, I figured if I rounded them all up in one place, then made a blog post about it, I would suddenly be held accountable for this resolve.  Yeah?

It might not work, but here they are anyway!

all purpose cleaner recipe

{Source: The Johnstons}

The many uses for hydrogen peroxide
{Source: Preparedness 365}

diy dryer sheets

DIY Dryer Sheets
{Source: The Natural Beauty Workshop}

this blogger tested multiple glass cleaner recipes and this is the winner!  (scroll to the bottom)

Tested glass cleaner
{Source: Crunchy Betty}

natural whitener tips

Natural Whiteners
{Source: Martha Stewart}

576 loads of laundry for $6.

A recipe for 576 loads of laundry for $6
{Source: Why Not Sew?}

Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Homemade Cleaning Supplies
{Source: From Garners to Bergers}

basic household products used as cleaners

Basic Household Items as Cleaners
{Source: Martha Stewart}

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Upcyclying Silverware

Ready to go on a journey with me?  Ok!

This month is National Salad Month… Which obviously got me thinking about salads… which also got me thinking about… Forks… which got me thinking about the various uses of a fork… you know, aside from shoveling food and combing mermaid hair.

And this thought process lead me to this week’s Things that (P)inspire Me post: Upcycled Silverware (I didn’t say this was a normal person’s thought process).


I have long coveted the crafty skills of those who make silverware wind chimes (a blow torch has been on my Christmas wish list for a few years now).  However, in my research I discovered a great many other things the can be done with old silverware.  And what I especially love about these projects, aside from the sheer upcycled crafty-ness involved, is the fact that you can get old silverware from thrift stores for pennies (well, maybe quarters).

Want to know where something came from or how to make it? Just click on the image and/or refer to the caption for its original source.  Remember that if you Pin, give credit where credit is due (in this case, not The Ginger Penny Pincher).

First, silverware wind chimes…

Repurposed Sterling Silver Goblet Cascading Silverware Chime Wind Chime Recycled Silverware Wind Chime

Source: Malinda Dickens Designs

fork twist wind chime with beads

{Source: Holyoke Studio}

silverware wind chimes

{Source: JJEvenson Art}

silver spoon fish wind chimes

{Source: Twisted Metals}

Silverware chandeliers…..

Hanging lamps #upcycled from silver spoons.

{Source: Reccashay}

Add some baubles and a pendant can easily become a chandelier. (Though, I have left ”chandeliers made from upcycled vintage treasures for another day.)  This Eat Drink Be Merry Chandelier by Jose Esteves for Anthropologie  turns vintage spoons and forks into a $4,800 work of art.

{Source: Anthropologie}

Fork chandelier

{Source: Matt Blatt}

Silverware Hooks and Hangers…

Rock On x Peace x Love Special Collector set 3 Silverware Coat Hooks

{Source: JJEvenson Art}


{Source: Recyclart}

Fork hooks

{Source: The World By Us}

Fork photo holders…

Fork Photo Holder

{Source: Pretty Handy Girl}

{Source: Pretty Handy Girl}

Silverware jewelry…

Fork Bracelet

{Source: Stars for Streetlights}

Fork bracelet

{Source: John Marchello via Use it Again}

John Marchello

{Source: John Marchello via Trend Hunter}

fork necklace!

{Source: McFlashpants Etsy shop via Collecting Vintage and Contemporary Jewelry}

Upcycled forks and spoons rings

{Source: More Design Please}

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