Things that (P)inspire me: Vintage Yardstick and Ruler Furniture and Accessories

This isn’t exactly a newsflash, but as I mentioned before, I love Pinterest.  (If you don’t know what this is, go check it out!).  I love it not just because I can see others’ “pins,” but I can organize my own, especially when I’m on a new Google image search kick, which happen surprisingly often.

(Or is it surprising?)

This week I am all about the many uses of vintage yardsticks and rulers!  As you will see from the pictures below, not only is it a way to upcycle old items, but it’s also a way of repurposing furniture that would normally be headed for the dumpster or the Craigslist “free” section (I have two end tables that have been saved from a similar fate now that I’ve discovered this idea).

Most of these (P)inspirational images use the yardsticks and rulers as a new façade for the piece of furniture, whether it be a dresser, desk, or end table.  Others use the yardsticks or rulers as the very base of the item or as a decorative accent.  Check them out!

Corner House Blog -- click on image to take you there!

This is quite possibly my favorite discovery!  This blogger, from the Corner House, used some old and some new yardsticks and stained them to get the warm, vintage look.  I especially love this because of the blue of the dresser and the metallic gold ampersand (check out the “before” pics — quite the transformation).

I love the use of these to jazz up the rise of a set of stairs.  I found this particular image at Tied Up With String.

And in case you’re wondering, it’s easy to find these vintage rulers (by the lot, even) for a few bucks at Ebay or Etsy, or you can buy them new and stain them.  But you should buy cheaper and older ones instead.  So there.

unit of measure ruler table

This table, found at Decor Hacks, is especially fun with the contrasting stainless steel legs and frame.

TIP:  If you’re going to use these as a table top, I definitely recommend a few layers of poly/varnish/somethin’ somethin’ so the surface is non-porous.

ruler tabletop

I found this side table at Country Living.   Check out their site for a full tutorial!

Picture Frame / Vintage Yardstick / Wood / Hogs & Sheep never lets me down (I talk about it at great length here).  I found this picture frame — among many more — at an Etsy shop called Repurposed Antiques.

I think I need a saw.

This is an example of using a yardstick as the base for something, in this case: a necklace rack.  You can find this lovely thang at Jenny and Pearl.  Looks like it requires few supplies (read: cheap DIY).

Yardstick Miror

“Starburst” mirror made with vintage yardsticks and rulers.  You can find this at Budget Wise Home (image via DIY magazine).

Oh what fun!  I hope you enjoyed my findings.  Let me now what you think!  Comment below and please feel free to share your own ideas on adding a little oomph to existing furniture.  Have you ever used yardsticks or rulers in decorating?

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