Things that (P)inspire Me: Upcycled Plastic Bottles

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s “Things That (P)inspire Me” post features upcycled plastic bottles. Click on the image for a link back to the original website (and many of these have tutorials as well).

This first one is a less than stellar picture I took, but when I saw it at an art installation at the cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, I couldn’t pass it up (even though the light wasn’t very promising.) The rest of these pics were (fortunately) not taken by me.


Pinned Image

Plastic Bottle Tinsel, photographed at St. John the Divine Cathedral in NYC, Source: The Ginger Penny Pincher

plastic bottle bracelet

Plastic Bottle Bracelet, Source: Great Green Goods

necklace made from plastic bottles

Plastic bottle necklace, Source: Great Green Goods

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Plastic Bottle Chandelier, Source: Sarah Turner

KIWI Eco-craft: Alphabet Magnets

Plastic Bottle Cap Magnets, Source: Kiwi Magazine

necklace made from plastic bottle caps wrapped in fabric

Lace and Fabric Wrapped Bottle Cap Necklace, Source: Turquesa Pistachio on Recyclart

plastic bottle cap beaded curtain

Plastic Bottle Cap Curtain, Source: Rosa Pomar

Recycled Bottle Cap Bowl, Source: zakka life

bottle cap lampshade

Bottle Cap Lampshade, Source: Esprit Cabane

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