Twelve Weeks of Christmas: Vinyl Record Bowl ADDENDUM

(This is not to serve as this week’s installment of the Twelve Weeks of Christmas series.  Expect that later this week!)

Due to the surprisingly enthusiastic response to the vinyl record bowl tutorial, I started racking my brain for more ways to re-invent these tired turntable treasures (I hope you appreciated that, alliteration lovers).  I started doing the Google image search thing — of which I have attained expert level — and found a few ideas, some of which I wanted to share with you, especially because I know so many of you told me you planned on making these for Christmas presents!  Well, here are a few more ideas:

Paint them!  When I mentioned this to Josh and showed him a few pictures I found online, we both turned to each other and said “Duh.”  No really, this happened.  (A rather mundane response, but we didn’t say our home life was particularly exciting: one of many less-than-exciting conversations shared with my husband).  “Duh” specifically, because we’ve always liked the idea of vinyl record bowls, but were (secretly) only half-way sold on the look of them.  I mean, yeah, if you’re looking for black accessories: “Ding! Ding! Ding!”  However, because  a lot of our furniture is black, additional black things are not really wanted (I dare you to read that as racist comment).  We’re more in the market for “pops of color,” or at least that’s what Josh says  (For real!  He says “pops of color.”  Makes me so proud. . .).  So, “Duh.”  I recommend spray painting your already made bowl — that has been allowed to cool, of course — and after it has “cured” for 24 hours, i.e., don’t touch it for a day, add a coat or two of a spray varnish/poly/thing to protect the surface so it doesn’t scratch or wear off.  All the cool kids are doing it.

Here is a before and after of my own personal vinyl record bowl with a coat of Tiffany Blue spray paint:



Everyone say “ahhh…….”

Here’s the process slowed down:

Just the bottom

Here's a bird's eye view

And one more time….

BEFORE: Perfectly fine for some...

AFTER: Vinyl Record Bowl 2.0, the Tiffany Blue Edition

I’m a fan of the upgrade.  But wait!  There’s more…

Recycled Spray Painted Record Bowl Dish

I found this one (above) at an Etsy store called Goblin Hut.  I like this particular approach because it reminds me of a glaze you would see on pottery.  My guess is that this look could be achieved with two light coats of spray paint (from quite a distance) off two different colors.  It possibly even looks like there’s splatter paint action going on.  Super creative!

You could also hand-paint them, if you’re feeling fancy times.  Here’s a particularly lovely example:

Oooh.. pretty.  This one — along with many other repurposed record ideas — can be found at Eye Pop Art‘s Etsy store.  That girl’s got skills.

If you take the bowl and attach it to a candlestick or some other base, you can turn the bowl into a Pedestal Dish.  Records already have a hole in the center, so no drilling would be required.

Etsy example from Button Sushi:

RECORD BOWL Pedestal Dish - Judy Collins - Recycled Album

Of course, bowls are not the only things that can be made from a vinyl record.  Here’s a pen holder I saw on Vinyl Everything (an Etsy shop… notice a trend?).

Repurposed Vinyl Record Pen Holder

Hope you enjoyed this addendum!   Anyone else have any other ideas out there?  I am always taking suggestions and submissions, so if you have a DIY gift project, especially one in the penny pinching and/or repurposing/upcycling vein, please feel free to share via comment link or e-mail!

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