National Soup Month: Crockpot Mexi-Tater Chicken Soup

In my fourth and final installment for National Soup Month (also knows as January), I bring you:

And here’s the MS Word doc, for another printable version:  The GPP’s Mexi-Tater Chicken Soup

Delicious, delightful, easy, and yeah… in case you’ve noticed, I like heartier, cheesy soups.  So sue me.  I like to cut calories in other ways…  that’s what salads are for :)

Hope you enjoy!  And in case you missed the other budget-friendly, delicious-delightful-and-dairy-infused soup recipes, check ’em out right here:

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National Soup Month: Teresa’s Clam “Chowder”

Y’all, in case you forgot in between last week and now, it is still National Soup Month!

(What?!  You’ve already forgotten this momentous occasion?  Here’s a link to last week’s post.)

Ok, you may not be as stoked as I am about this fact, but it’s cold outside, I like to cook, and I’m just ever-so-slightly opportunistic when it comes to topics to blog about.  So…..  let Part 2 of National Soup Month commence!

This week:  Teresa’s Clam “Chowder”

Yes, “Teresa” as in my often-discussed mother (here and here), “Clam” as in the canned kind, though feel free to get your hands dirty and use the fresher stuff, and “‘Chowder,'” as in more like a cross between a soup and a chowder (not as creamy like the Boston stuff, but still delicious with a bit of a Cajun kick), thus the quotation marks.

Here’s a recipe for you Pinning or printing pleasure!

(Click on the image for a bigger image, or the MS Word doc below for a printable version.)

clam chowder

Clam Chowder -- recipe card

And here’s the printable one:  clam chowder recipe card printable version


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