National Soup Month: Teresa’s Potato Cheese Soup

National Soup Month strikes again.  And by again, I mean all month long.  Because hey, it’s January… and that’s National Soup Month!

(Please contain your excitement, I can hear your cyber squeals from here. )

This week’s soupy-soup recipe installment comes from…

Who do we talk about all the time around here?

No, not the dogs… they can’t cook, silly.  They don’t even have opposable thumbs!

No, not Josh either… he does have opposable thumbs, but not so much on the cooking skills (though they’re improving — it’s a New Year’s resolution of his).

No, not this guy either….

(That is totally a picture of Josh in a 70’s disco fro and ‘stache!  Yes!!!)

Nope.  The contributor of today’s recipe is…



(I get in trouble every time I post this picture, so relish the moment.  It won’t come around again for a while.)  :)

I know, I know, no big surprise.  As you may remember, she was also the contributor for last week’s soup recipe:  Teresa’s Clam “Chowder”  (the quotation marks being essential).

As with everything my mother makes, this soup is DELICIOUS… and as with most everything Southern women make, it. is. rich. (However, no sticks of butter were harmed in the making of this soup.)

Here’s a handy-dandy 4″ X 6″ recipe card for your Pinning or printing pleasure.

potato cheese soup recipe card

Better yet, here’s a far superior MS Word doc (far superior = more printer friendly):  Potato cheese soup recipe card doc

Hope you enjoy!!!


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