The Magic of the Sweater Shaver

If you’ve ever owned a sweater, or even a fleecy jacket, you have probably suffered the wrath of pilling.  You know, where all of the little fibers become obnoxious little fuzz ball things therefore rendering your otherwise fabulous royal blue winter coat a piece of crap (Real Life Example Alert).

However, there’s a fabulous thing called a sweater shaver — have you heard of them? — that helps get rid of all of that… crap.

For those of you who have had a lifelong love affair with El Sweater Shaver, this is not exactly a news flash, but to the few among us who have just discovered it, it’s like manna from the heavens.  Except you can’t eat a sweater shaver.  (Very dangerous.)

So for those sweater shaver newbies (like me), here’s a before and after of my winter coat.





It’s like magic, right?  Right?!?!


And here’s what the sweater shaver looks like:

Small, but mighty.  And for less than five bucks, you can get one (the kind I have is by Evercare and it’s $3.99 at CVS drug stores).

(And think of all the sweaters and coats that will be saved from the thrift store pile!?!)

Oh, how I love my sweater shaver… Perhaps I’ll write a haiku about it — I mean, it’s the least I can do (I’ll keep you posted).

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