Beer Cap Magnet Tutorial

Curiously, one of the things that brings the most traffic to my blog are Pins and links to the beer cap magnets I made back in December.

Curious because these were just something I threw together, literally with what I had laying around… plus a few glue sticks and a roll of magnetic tape.  And since the non-tutorial is just sort of grouped together with a post about a bunch of other things I made as Christmas presents, I thought it was high time I devoted a post to just the beer cap magnets.

To call it a tutorial would be silly, because they’re so easy to make and require no skill/creativity, but… yeah, this is a tutorial.

You’ll need:

  • Beer caps (or soda bottle caps or whatever)
  • Magnets (I recommend the magnetic tape rolls)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Washer or cork or some kind of spacer

Take the beer cap — which you undoubtedly obtained by giving it the ol’ college try — and glue the spacer to the bottom in the hollow of the beer cap.  Metal washers are great for this, but I actually used old wine corks for mine (in keeping with the libations theme).

I took each wine cork and cut it into small slices using a serrated kitchen knife.  Each cork yielded about three spacers.  And like the beer caps, they were free!

Then I took a small strip of magnetic tape — small, because the beer caps weigh nothing — and even though it’s tape, I put a dot of hot glue on the cork before pressing on the magnet.  That’s it!

The beer caps and cork were free, the pack of hot glue sticks was a whopping dollar (and I only used two to make a dozen), and the roll o magnetic tape was about four bucks (and I only used about one fourth of it).  That’s pretty darn penny-pinchery, if I do say so myself.

And he’s the finished product!

beer cap magnets

There.  All myths dispelled.  These things really are just that simple.

Nudge.  Nudge.  Hey — if you’ve Pinned this before, do ya mind re-Pinning it?  Then people will be directed to this helpful little post…. and I won’t get so many emails about how to make them and “are they really just beer caps and magnets?” and compliments about how cute my dogs are.  April Fool’s.  Keep the e-mails coming… Especially if they’re complimentary ones about my babies.

Free dog bed

See you tomorrow — we finnin’ to paint some spoons up in here!

Holla!   Bye!


Things that (P)inspire Me: DIY Christmas Ornaments and Tree Toppers

Hey, remember that week where I posted almost every day about my recent Pinterest finds?!  No?  Oh… well, that’s because that’s happening now!  

(To check out my previous posts of “Things that (P)inspire Me,” go here.)

As I did an inventory of my vast ornament collection last Friday, I was surprised to discover that none of my ornaments were handmade (or at least, handmade by me).  Of course, all of my ornaments are a product of penny pinching (or gift-receiving), so that’s nothing to balk at, but still… there remains a DIY-sized hole in my heart that must. be. filled.  So, I turned to my tried, true, and trusted friend, the Pinterest bookmarklet (nope, not a typo).

(In case you’re confused check out
Below are some of my most recent finds (also thanks to Google image search).  Hope you are as inspired as I now am!
(Click on the pictures for the links to the original sources.)
Pinned Image
 Pinned Image
 Thumbtacks and a styrofoam ball!
Pinned ImageScrabble pieces glued together
Pinned Image
Small dollar store frames with pretty paper
Pinned Image
An oldie, but a goodie.  These would be especially nice with metallic or patterned paper.
Felt ornament — read the instructions, it’s actually easier than it looks!
Pinned Image
I guess these are a little more obvious than most, but aren’t they pretty?  And with the length of these pipe cleaners, they can be a statement ornament (like… a “statement ring”) :)
Pinned Image
This particular pin is from Young House Love and was a product of the Pinterest Challenge that they recently co-hosted.  38 DIY ornaments for a total of $27.  Not too bad!
Pinned Image
An old key, spray painted (also part of the “Challenge” from above).  Vamping on this same idea, many household items, however seemingly mundane, would make great ornaments!  Silverware, earrings, those are just the first two that come to mind…
Pinned Image
Tree topper, made from pipe cleaners and a styrofoam ball.  But you know me, I would have used a different color.
Pinned Image
I love ANY home decor idea involving recycled sheet music (and I have plenty of it).  So fun as a tree topper!  (More on sheet music/Christmas decor on Wednesday!)
Hope you enjoyed those!(Subscribe, silly!  What are you waiting for?)