President’s Day: A Good Day to Go Shopping

Happy Presidents’ Day!

federal hall

Yeah, I know President’s Day is sorta for Lincoln too, but I don’t have a picture of his inauguration site…

…much less do I have another picture of me making this awesome face.

Wait.  That’s not true.

Yeah, I make that face all. the. time.

Back to shopping, i.e., the other exciting part of this post’s subject line.  As with most federal holidays, retailers see an opportunity to make some money and put on a sale, or a “$ale”

… like Ke$ha (I’ve been dying to make a reference to her — so glad I could find the opportunity).

But that’s ok because their opportunity is our opportunity — in the form of big sales!  And in case you are among the number of people who don’t get the day off from work, you can still seize these sale opportunities online (and you know I love to shop online).

In fact, there has even been some speculation that President’s Day sales rival Black Friday sales, so in case you were considering going shopping some time soon, I recommend making “some time soon” today.  And save lots of money while you’re at it.

Here’s just a few President’s Day sale lists I found:

Gold Star Daily World News

CinnanminsonPatch (lots of goodies here)

Amazon Promo Code at Kosher Shopaolic

And of course the ever comprehensive and aptly named:

Hope these were helpful! Happy Shopping!