Something Else To Do with Those Little Tropical Drink Umbrellas

Aloha!  This post sort of answers the musing “If I were decorating for a luau or Lost marathon, I would make ______.”  (Insert paper umbrella wreath into the blank.)

I’ve seen variations of this on Pinterest before, so I decided to try my own.   I took a foam wreath, stuck in about four packs of Dollar Tree paper umbrellas (so maybe 48 in total?), and that was it!

It’s a little on the fragile side and definitely not good for an exterior door (paper umbrellas + rain = colorful goo).

But isn’t it pretty?


It’s nowhere near a finished product.  If I were starting over again, I would’ve first wrapped the foam in a colored tulle (or even white).  That way it masks the clashy clash forest green of the foam, but it still has holes for the toothpick ends of the umbrellas to go through.

You can’t see this less-than-pretty side unless you’re like me and stick your camera phone basically inside the wreath, but you can see glimpses of the green if you’re super close up:

Not as finished as I’d like.  For now, I’m enjoying it Monet style.  :)

Ooh!  I just had an idea!  Using this same method, you could paper umbrella topiaries, like these with paper flowers:

As it turns out, I have no tropical/luau-ish events coming up so I won’t be making them any time soon, but I’m thinking they would be really fun.  And cute…  two words that I don’t use very often, though entirely appropriate at this moment.

That’s all for now.  Have a fun and cute day, everyone!