Valentine’s DIY Printable (No Photoshop required!)

If you’ve been following my blog since its inception in September, you know that I’m CRAZY about Christmas decor, but not nearly as enthused for the other holidays.  Not that I don’t enjoy them as well, but I don’t have a pumpkin/autumnal leaves wreath… or a motorized turkey that sings, I don’t know, a Thanksgiving song?  (Do these actually exist?)

Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Usually, I spend this holiday with my three Valentines (husband and two dogs, of course)… and maybe there will be a meal out at a restaurant…  Or more likely, we end up cooking at home because we usually haven’t made a reservation anywhere and don’t want to brave the crowds and the lines… and the explosion of pink and red decor (not really my two fave colors).  

However, this year I decided to give in to the blogosphere-style peer pressure that’s been breathing down my neck.  (Seriously fellow bloggers, you guys are crazy about February 14th).

Then, I realized something curious once I took the plunge and actually started planning some Valentine’s posts:

I think I might be digging this Valentine’s thing….


Weird, right?  But seriously…  I think I might even be coming around to pink and red.  Maybe…

So here I am, post-plunge, and I plan on sharing a few V-day ideas with you over the next couple of weeks.  Glitter, sprinkles, and a general feeling of mushy-ness may be involved.  (Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

Today, I’m sharing a fun printable idea… great for Valentine’s cards.  I found the original method on Pinterest (where else?), and it was one of those where I went “Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that?”  But I didn’t;  a smart lady from Black and White {Side by Side} did.  (Check out this blog, as well as the instructions!)  It’s so easy — no Photoshop or even really fancy computer/design skills needed!  Just MS Word, Paintbrush, and about 5 minutes!

Here’s a screenshot of what I whipped up (again, using the method found at Black and White {Side by Side}):

And here’s a close-up (it’s “I love you” in various languages):

And here’s a printable if you want this one:  The GPP’s I love you languages printable

Or better yet, make your own!  It’s so easy…  

One mo’ again, here’s the link so you can learn how:  Black and White {Side by Side}


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