Honor Thy Madre

Picture me wagging my finger at you.  Why?  Because YOU forgot that Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday (as in: May 12th, 2013).  For SHAME!  Your mother didn’t forget it was Mother’s Day.  Well, maybe she did.  I wouldn’t know about that.

(And maybe you didn’t forget at all, in which case, disregard the last few sentences where I put on my disciplinarian pants.  Then pat yourself on the back.  I’m proud of you.  Now go have a Diet Coke.)

Ok, for those of you who did forget (it’s okay, I forgive you — you can have your Diet Coke, too) — it’s not too late.

You can always go the intangible gift route, in which case there are dozens of options…  Like this mother’s day luncheon that I did for my mother last year:

Or you can go the handmade route (duh, of course I did a post about that kind of thing last year).

But for those of you going the store bought route, this post is for you!  I’ve scoured the Internet (if by scour, I mean just Googled a little here and there), and found some Mother’s Day gift ideas that are fun…  maybe even unexpected.  I don’t mean like… giving your mother a spittoon (unless your mother is into… spittooning, er… spitting).  I mean like…

This gardener’s seat from Uncommon Goods:

Now I couldn’t keep a cactus alive, but I’m also not a mother. (I pretend the two correlate, so I assume that one day in the distant future when I do have children, I’ll suddenly wake up with the ability to know how much water a geranium should get.  And what a geranium looks like exactly.)

Another gift idea from Uncommon Goods

Did I say gift idea?  I meant humorous intermission from gift ideas.  Mostly I just like knowing this is a real thing and it’s out there in the world (and it costs $65).  Ok, back to the real task at hand.

For the mom that’s in 15 different clubs, volunteers for a few dozen organizations, and hosts the occasional book club or bunco game…

Blue Glass Yorkshire Dispenser

It’s pretty!  It’s blue!  It holds beverage!  (I want one myself… mmm…. Sangria.)  It’s only $19.99 and it’s from Cost Plus World Market.

As is this one… slightly more neutral but nonetheless lovely (and party-practical) for $19.99:

Beehive Drink Dispenser

Speaking of delightful beverages, and other cool things from Cost Plus World Market, I think this cast-iron tea pot is pretty boss.

And I mean that in a “I-don’t-really-use-boss-as-an-adjective” type way.  (Only $19.99!)

I love the idea behind these apothecary jars with chalkboard labels:

These are available from Pier 1 for $10 and $14 (respective to their sizes), but they’d be easy to DIY if you already had the paint and jars (if not, it’d probably cost pretty close to the Pier 1 price to but it all together from scratch, so that’s actually not a bad price).

And you know Etsy’s my boo and I can’t resist handmade things, so here’s a few findings from my most recent browsing…

Mother's Day Gift 8x10 Custom Map - USA Map With Heart - Two Locations, Any Color - United States Wall Art - Digital Art Print

Sooo sweet.  Especially if you and your mother are geographically apart.  (And you don’t have to be bicoastal for this to work — the seller will customize it appropriately.  Check her out:  Paper Plane Prints.)

The next item, this hand painted silk scarf, is definitely not in lines with the typical GPP gift budget, but there’s no denying its beauty and one-of-a-kind uniqueness:

Hand Painted Silk Shawl Blue Hawaiian Hibiscus, Blue Silk Scarf, Floral Shawl. Evening Wrap. Silk Charmeuse Shawl. 22x90 in. Made to order.

Gorgeous.  You can check out the seller’s other items here:  Silk Scarves Takuyo

I actually gave my mother a similar item for Christmas a few years ago…

Custom Rubber Stamp: Southern Label

(A rubber stamp that creates that inked image, that is.)  But I still think it’s a good gift for any occasion, and certainly for Mother’s Day.  Makes bill paying go by faster (that is, assuming your mother is like mine and does most of her bill paying through snail mail).  The one above can be found at Sincerely Yours Paper (or you can search on Etsy for monogrammed address stamps and get a whole slew of options).

And there’s no end to the amount of awesome tea towels you can find on Etsy (seller’s pages linked and listed under each image):

Whip it, Whip it Good Flour Sack Tea Towel

{Etsy shop: French Silver}

Just Beat It Flour Sack Tea Towel

{Etsy shop: French Silver}

100% Cotton Tea Towel

{Etsy shop: Caloway Creations}

The Mr. Tea Towel (hand painted) Mr.T - funny gift - housewarming gift - for him - new home - retro

{Etsy shop: Lucy’s Art Emporium}

I have a secret tea towel obsession, but I don’t act on it because I’m afraid I would use said tea towel to wipe up some kitchen-related mess that would forever stain the tea towel and thus sadden me.  But I really like to look at them.  (And think about how I’d like to frame them all and hang them on the wall.)

OK, stepping away from Etsy.  And onto Amazon… one of my favorite places to shop.

It’s no secret that Amazon has EVERYTHING, but getting back to its ol’ multimedia roots, Amazon is a great place to shop for books.  Obviously, it’s one of the cheapest — if not the cheapest places — to buy books, but it also features lots of helpful lists if you’re just looking for a certain kind of book, and not necessarily a specific title.  One book I’m particularly excited about is And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini (same guy who wrote The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns).

My mother and I have both loved the previous ones, so I look forward to this one as well.  (Hint: Mom, DON’T pre-order this book, or the Mother’s Day fairy will have to deliver multiple copies.)  #subtelyisnotmyspecialty

That’s all for now.  What’s everyone else doing for Mother’s Day?  Handmade?  Store bought?  Non-tangible?  Spittoon-gifting?

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, I thought I’d put together a round-up of handmade gift ideas.  You’ll recognize a lot of these from my previous posts, but for the others, just click on the image or refer to the caption for the original source. A lot of these feature tutorials as well, so you’ll definitely want to check them out.

Do it for your madre.

DIY plant markers {Source: Birds & Blooms}

Painted Wooden Spoons

DIY Earring Holder {Source: Smiles Go With Everything}

DIY Salt Dough Pendants {Source: Lady With the Red Rocker}

{Source: The Frugal Girls}

Sewing kit in a jar {Source: Frugalicious Me}

Easy, epsom salt/sugar scrub (cheap teacher gift)

Sugar and Epsom Salt Scrub {Source: Do it Yourself}

Silhouette Chalkboard {Source: Ruffles and Stuff}

These are mostly super cheap, DIY options, but if you want to give mama something bigger, consider combining a few of these together in a gift basket!  (Gift baskets are still cool by the way.  I wouldn’t mind one myself.)

Check back on Thursday for DIY subway art and some free downloads — especially if your Mother’s Day gift budget is …say, only $3?  (We’ve all been there.)