Daily Deals Faceoff and the Flu

I have the flu.

I was in denial about this for a few days, which I guess is pretty typical of a Type-A-personality-super-busy-multi-tasking-long-to-do-list-oh-yeah-did-I-mention-I-don’t-have-insurance person.  What tipped me off was when I tried to drink a can of Diet Coke  and eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup, but they tasted like cardboard juice and mop water, respectively.


(Yeah, that’s right, my jacked-up taste buds are what tipped me off, not the nausea, incessant coughing, and three days of fever.  I could totally be a doctor.)

Mostly I’ve been in bed, Netflix-ing it up, so obviously I missed any St. Patrick’s Day festivities (though there was that brief feeling of solidarity the morning after St. Patrick’s Day, where at least my symptoms were similar with the rest of hungover America).  Unfortunately, that means I don’t really have the blog posts I intended for this week (I had a long to do list of weekend crafty-ness, but needless to say, that didn’t happen).

However, I do have a great article that I’d like to share with you savings savvy folks:

It’s from Lifehacker.com:  “Daily Deals Faceoff:  Groupon vs. Living Social vs. Google vs. Amazon vs. Facebook”

As the title indicates, they compare some of the more popular daily deal services, weighing their different pros and cons.  Their particular research was done over the course of two weeks, so they were able to get a pretty good idea of the typical categories and patterns that these companies fall into.  I’m a regular subscriber to these daily deals, and I actually learned quite a few tidbits from this article.  Check it out!

See you tomorrow for a post all about how to get stuff on Craigslist for free!  (I can guarantee this because I wrote the article long before my body became a crucible for disease and germy-ness.  Isn’t that charming?)

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