Things that (P)inspire Me: Heart Shaped Loveliness

As I mentioned last Thursday, I’ve hopped on the Valentine’s bandwagon (which, by the way, is decorated with Cupid cartoons, chocolates, and doilies… But most of all doilies).  Last Thursday, I brought you a heart-shaped DIY printable for Valentine’s cards, wall art, et al.  In this week’s Pinterest round-up, I’ve brought you all kinds of heart shaped loveliness!  I know, I know, I’m a victim of trends… But this holiday comes but once a year, y’all!

So… bear with me and my inclinations to peer pressure and check out my finds!  As always, click on the pic to take you to the original source website (none of these are my own creation — all curated from Pinterest and Google image searches).


How to make your words into a shape using Microsoft Word.

My original inspiration for last Thursday's post.

Source:  Side by Side Black and White

Tennessee state string art (heart in Knoxville)

Tennessee State String Art

Source:  The Ginger Penny Pincher

book wreath

Heart-shaped book wreath

Source:  Be Book Bound

zipper heart ornament

Zipper Heart

Source:  Bogate Designs

made with wax paper and crayon shavings!

Crayon and Wax Paper Hearts

Source:  Martha Stewart

cork heart

Cork Heart

Source:  ewe hooo!

heart made out of bottle caps

Bottle Cap Heart

Source:  Keltainen talo rannalla

Making a heart shaped cake without a specialty pan:  bake a square cake and a round one and cut the round cake in half!

I square cake + 1 circular cake cut in half = heart shaped cake!


Hand warmers -- fill with rice and sew around the edges (I've done this before with a clean tube song -- makes a great heating pad, especially for your neck)

Heart shaped hand warmers

Source:  The In Between Girls

Wooden Heart

Source:  Design Sponge

heart ring

Heart ring

 Source:  Melt’m Design Studio

Photo Heart

Photo Heart

Source:  The Way We Are

painted heart

Painted heart tote bag

Source:  V & Co.

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Valentine’s DIY Printable (No Photoshop required!)

If you’ve been following my blog since its inception in September, you know that I’m CRAZY about Christmas decor, but not nearly as enthused for the other holidays.  Not that I don’t enjoy them as well, but I don’t have a pumpkin/autumnal leaves wreath… or a motorized turkey that sings, I don’t know, a Thanksgiving song?  (Do these actually exist?)

Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Usually, I spend this holiday with my three Valentines (husband and two dogs, of course)… and maybe there will be a meal out at a restaurant…  Or more likely, we end up cooking at home because we usually haven’t made a reservation anywhere and don’t want to brave the crowds and the lines… and the explosion of pink and red decor (not really my two fave colors).  

However, this year I decided to give in to the blogosphere-style peer pressure that’s been breathing down my neck.  (Seriously fellow bloggers, you guys are crazy about February 14th).

Then, I realized something curious once I took the plunge and actually started planning some Valentine’s posts:

I think I might be digging this Valentine’s thing….


Weird, right?  But seriously…  I think I might even be coming around to pink and red.  Maybe…

So here I am, post-plunge, and I plan on sharing a few V-day ideas with you over the next couple of weeks.  Glitter, sprinkles, and a general feeling of mushy-ness may be involved.  (Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

Today, I’m sharing a fun printable idea… great for Valentine’s cards.  I found the original method on Pinterest (where else?), and it was one of those where I went “Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that?”  But I didn’t;  a smart lady from Black and White {Side by Side} did.  (Check out this blog, as well as the instructions!)  It’s so easy — no Photoshop or even really fancy computer/design skills needed!  Just MS Word, Paintbrush, and about 5 minutes!

Here’s a screenshot of what I whipped up (again, using the method found at Black and White {Side by Side}):

And here’s a close-up (it’s “I love you” in various languages):

And here’s a printable if you want this one:  The GPP’s I love you languages printable

Or better yet, make your own!  It’s so easy…  

One mo’ again, here’s the link so you can learn how:  Black and White {Side by Side}


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Upcycling Wrapping Paper and Tissue Paper

Fused Plastic Tutorial

Recently I brought you a Pinterest love-fest of Fused Plastic Projects.  Here a few highlights:

(Click on images to link back to the original source website)

Pinned Image

Source: Betz White

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Source: Emily Grace

Yeah, there are some crazy creative people out there.  With sewing skills.  (Which I lack.)

Anyways... inspired by the inventiveness of fused plastic and my own desire to do it myself, I did a little research.  Turns out, it’s super easy to make!  Best of all, it’s super cheap (darn close to free), it’s a quick process, and it’s upcycling a resource that’s often fated to a landfill: plastic bags.

I’m sure a lot of you go the reuseable-bag route  (I try to remember them, but I actually use the grocery bags as trash can liners, so I sometimes end up with a few extra ones, i.e., craft supplies!).  However, even if you opt out of the grocery bags, you probably still encounter other kinds of plastic bags from time to time (think of packaging for a loaf of bread, especially those retro-fabulous Wonder Bread bags).

For this particular project, I used black bodega bags.  These are especially fun because they have gold and silver metallic striping on one side, which I used to cut out a C and J (for Courtney and Josh… not K-Ci and Jo Jo… but good guess).

fused plastic

Then I took about 4 bags and cut off the handles and the bottom:

With the handles and bottom cut off, the bag can have a larger surface area to work with.  Open up bag, unfolding the sides, and lay flat.

See the difference in workable surface area?

fused plastic

After four bags are cut, opened, and layered, you should have a stack that is 8-ply (4 X 2 = 8).  I wouldn’t recommend anything thinner, otherwise you’ll end up with holes and the final material will not have as much structural integrity (yeah, that’s right: structural integrity).

And I tried a mere 6-ply, by the way:  lots of holes…

Yeah, that’s no fun.

Then I placed the layered bags (with the cut out C and J on top) in between two layers of parchment paper, then placed this parchment-plastic “sandwich” on an ironing board.

Sold in most grocery stores...

In a well-ventilated area, e.g., the fire escape, I ironed on high until plastic was fused.  Don’t let the brevity of that statement mislead you into thinking that this is a fast, fool-proof process.  It does take a little time, a little patience, and a lot of ironing.  You iron directly onto the parchment, making sure to never let the hot iron touch the actual plastic (or you’ll have gelatinous plastic goo… which is nearly impossible to clean up).

Iron all over the paper, never keeping the iron in one place for too long (this is how you get holes).  Occasionally peel back paper to see the plastic’s progress.  Remember, bubbly is bad:

Fused plastic with a lot of air bubbles will not be as durable, so if this is how your plastic is looking, replace the parchment and continue ironing.  The ideal texture should be something like raw silk or crepe.

After you’ve achieved the necessary texture, remove from parchment and allow to cool.  Then, you can cut it, sew it, glue it, love it, whatever your crafty heart desires!  As showcased in my Pinterest finds, this material can absolutely go through a sewing machine, and can be treated just like any kind of vinyl or thick crepe.

All “that’s what she said” jokes aside, see how thick and hard it is?  (I know, I know…)

And here are both of the finished products:

See?  This method doesn’t alter text or melt the ink, so bags with fun logos or messages can definitely be used for this project.

As you can see, I haven’t quite figured out what to do with this material yet (nor have I come up with a plan for the other 5 zillion plastic bags I’ve saved over the past few months, including ones with Target bullseyes, Wonder Bread logos, smiley faces, trees, kitschy phrases and… the list goes on).

Maybe I should take a sewing class…

…or two.

So, in summary:

How about you fine folks?  Have you recently tried your hand at an upcycling project?  Or a sewing project?  Or both?!  Share below in comment form, or e-mail me:

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Beer Can Appreciation Day

Today is Beer Can Appreciation Day!

No, really.  That’s a real thing.

Though beer has been brewed for literally thousands of years (some archaeologists speculate as early as 4,500 B.C), the whole beer-in-a-can thing is a relatively new concept.

This years marks the 76th anniversary of canning beer, so I thought I would pause and do a little Google image/Pinterest search and showcase some fun things to do with used beer cans — because canned beer is always a cheaper and slightly greener option, but it still produces a lot of waste (that hopefully you choose to recycle or upcycle).

And while I was at it, I extended my search to soda cans and pull tabs as well…

As always, click on the image for a link back to the original source website.

Pinned Image

Box made from cans!

Source:  Atomic Shrimp

Pinned Image

Can Lantern Lights

Source:  RubyvVermillion

Pinned Image

Soda can lights

Source:  Diary of a Crafty Chica

Pinned Image


Source:  The Star Online

Pinned Image

Bracelets made from cans

Source:  Bubbley Boutique  (Etsy shop)

Pinned Image

Can car

Source:  Sandy’s CanCars

Pinned Image

Soda can ash tray or tealight holder


Pinned Image

Pull tab chandelier

Source:  Purple Homes  (designed by Mauricio Affonso

Pinned Image

Vase made from beer cans

Source:  Wonder How To

Pinned Image

Beer can butterflies

Source:  Gearfuse

Pinned Image

Beer can plane

Source:  Robot Nine

Pinned Image

Pull tab clutch

Source:  Design Boom

Pinned Image

Beer Can Chicken

Source:  E-Rcps

Ta da!  Hope you enjoyed these ideas.  And of course, if you have any of your own, feel free to share in comment form below.


Things that (P)inspire me: Fused Plastic Projects

This week’s Pinterest round-up features fused plastic!  This stuff, made from plastic grocery bags is a great way to both recycle and create a free material, similar to a thin vinyl.  And the best part is, it can go through a sewing machine!  (Though I don’t sew, so this won’t be an avenue I’ll be exploring any time soon.)

Here are my findings!  As always, click on the image for a link back to the original source (gotta keep up the good blogging karma, y’all).

Pinned Image

Fused plastic tote.  Source:  Betz White

(Do you spy the Target bullseyes?  Yes!)

Pinned Image

Fused plastic lunch tote.  Source:  Upcycled Design Lab

Pinned Image

Fused plastic purse.  Source:

Pinned Image

Fused plastic wallet.  Source:

Pinned Image

Fused plastic wallet.  Source:  Figaflors i Braves

Pinned Image

Fused plastic tote.  Source:  Flickriver

(I think there’s a Home Depot bag in there somewhere…)

Pinned Image

Fused plastic flower necklace.  Source:  Emily Grace

Fused plastic bibs.  Source:  The Pretty Bean (Etsy shop)

(I looove the use of the bread bag!)

Pinned Image

Fused plastic tote bag.  Source:  Lark Crafts

Pinned Image

Fused plastic eyeglass case.  Source:  Eclecti

Then… I was so inspired, I tried my hand at the stuff!  Turns out, it’s super easy.  Check back next week for a full tutorial!

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Things That (P)inspire Me

Things that (P)inspire Me: Wine Cork Crafts

***Is (P)inspire a made up word?  Of course.  But it comes from Pinterest, a fabulous organizational and free website that you should check out (now) if you’ve never heard of it before!  Also, check out similar posts here.

My mother — you may remember her — recently gave me the challenge of researching crafty uses for wine corks.  She’s helping throw an Italian-themed dinner party for 67 ladies (I forget the details).  They have about 70 wine corks and wanted to make party favors, so that’s about one cork per guest.  Challenge:  Accepted!

I turned to the ol’ Google image search and Pinterest for inspiration (I had a few ideas up my sleeve, but I like to get inspiration from those who have gone before me).

Here are my finds; some of them only require one cork, others… a lot of corks.  I sort of went off on a multi-corked tangent.  Ah well.  Hopefully, if you have a burgeoning cork collection, like I do, you may find uses for them among these ideas.

Pinned Image

Cork place card holders

Source:  New England Fine Living

Corks in a Vase

Source:  Reuse- Create

Pinned Image

Cork Hurricane

Source:  Two Twenty One

Pinned Image

Cork Parson's Chair

Source:  Urban Objects

cork USB

Source:  Zedomax

Pinned Image

cork club chair

Source:  Recyclart

cork heart

Source:  ewehoo!

cork wreath

Source:  Sterling Wine Online

Pinned Image

cork sphere

Source:  Glam Granola

Pinned Image

Cork "cork board"

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Pinned Image

champagne cork drawer pulls

Source:  Dollar Store Crafts

Pinned Image

Cork ink stamps

Source: DIY Life

Pinned Image

cork keychains

Source:  Cleverly Inspired

Pinned Image

cork in a vase with a candle

Source:  Love of the Sea

Pinned Image

cork monograms

Source:  Green is Universal

Pinned Image

Another variation of the cork board

Source:  Adventures in Creating

little cork planters, cute!!

cork planters

Source:  Piccsy

Pinned Image

Another variation of a cork place card holder

Source:  Party Frosting

Pinned Image

cork coffee table

Source:  Houzz

Pinned Image

Cork backsplash

Source:  Houzz

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Handmade Gifts, Part 2 (still patting myself on the back)

Ok, so I’m  s l o w l y  returning to the blogging thing, post-holiday, and due to the fact that I kind of checked out last week, that means I have a load of holiday-related things to share with you (still)!

I know, Christmas is over.  Move on.

But I can’t let go — yet.  I even thought I could justify it and say that I was still within the realm of the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” even though I don’t really acknowledge or celebrate that. (What am I talking about?  Ask Wikipedia.)

However, Twelfth Night was January 5th, so now it’s just getting tacky.  Whatever.   I decided to embrace the tacky, and go ahead and do a little show-and-tell of the other handmade gifts in my life, this time the ones that Josh and I received (you may remember the previous post where we talked about the gifts we gave).

First, let’s start with the handmade gifts Josh and I gave each other:

dog silhouettes

Yeah, you’re probably thinking “That’s a lot of dogs.”  Let me explain:  I gave Josh the framed black and white photo, and Josh gave me the two silhouettes, you know, of our dogs.  Yeah, we basically gave each other the same thing.  Creepy, right?  And this was all done unbeknownst to the other (and by the way, we didn’t tell any friends or family who may have spilled it to either of us).  Creepier still, my first plan was to make silhouettes, too.  I planned on using this photo, but we didn’t have any black paper and I didn’t have a lot of time — Christmas Eve gift making, how shameful — so I didn’t follow through with my original plan (little did I know it would look just as good in white!).  So, I spray painted this frame that Josh found at the street on trash day, made a matte out of lime green paper, and framed the photo.

Josh was feeling far more ambitious.  He took two frames (he found these at the street on trash day, also), printed out the same photo on regular printer paper, cut it out, traced it (it ended up being the mirror image side) and then cut that out as well.  He backed it with lime green paper (needless to say, we have an abundance of lime green paper).

When we opened them — which happened to be at the same time — we had a weird case of the Twilight-Zones, and then accused each other of somehow stealing each other’s ideas, perhaps using a magic wand and a Pensieve when the other was sleeping.

Then we realized that was silly and decidedly attributed the coincidence to our compatibility.  Aww….. :)

And our crazy obsession with our dogs.

And maybe the fact that we walk by the Courtney silhouette everyday (this was done when I was like 6).

See it there on the table next to the Eiffel Tower ornament?

Who knows?  But we love them both and look forward to hanging them on our soon-to-be art wall (details in blog post form to follow).

Moving on to some of the handmade gifts we received from family…

My mother-in-law, knowing well of my loves for orange and green, recycling, and handmade gifty-ness, crocheted this reusable tote for me:

hand crocheted grocery bag

I love it!!!  Things like this amaze me to no end, because I have ZERO crocheting/knitting/sewing/anything-domestic-other-than-cooking skills.

My sister-in-law (a loyal GPP subscriber) took part of this blog’s paisley background image and made it into the lid of a magnetic box:

personalized box

Recognize the pattern?  Yeah, I literally squealed when I opened it.  And even better, when I opened the (magnetic) lid, I found a pair of earring that she had made for me!

I asked her where she had the box made, and she said she wouldn’t tell me (it’s a secret she feels she must keep as she has so many gifts made through this company).  However, she did say it was a website that I had mentioned on here before.  Considering that I’ve linked up to hundreds of websites in the 63 posts I’ve written since starting this on September 12, 2011… yeah, I’m sort of scratching my head on this one.

Sigh.  Maybe one day she’ll reveal her mystical secrets…

Amanda, the aforementioned secretive sister-in-law, gave Josh a framed shadow box of the Triforce (from the Zelda games):

triforce art

(Sorry for the overly-reflective picture. this was the best of a dozen attempts, believe me).

Now, I couldn’t be less interested in video games possibly, but even this made me go “OOOHHH!”  The picture doesn’t do it any justice, but in person, it looks gooood (Scouts’ honor).  And little did Amanda know we were slowly accumulating things for our art wall!  Perfectly timed.

The next gift is also one of those funny coincidences because it was something I had planned on blogging about, but hadn’t gotten around to yet.  As a fun way to give us some cash, my mother-in-law made origami with some dollar bills:

snail origami dollar bill

dollar bill rocket ship origami

dollar bill origami swan

dollar bill mens shirt origami

I think they turned out great!  I especially love the men’s shirt origami.  She also made an origami star, but no matter how many different angles I tried, I could not take a picture of it where it actually looked like a star (but it does in person, I promise).

You can find the how-to’s all over the internet; just do a Google search for dollar bill origami (and I recommend ironing your dollar bills on a low setting before starting — they’re made of cotton, they can handle it).

Hope you enjoyed the highlights of some of our handmade gifts!  From here on out, I will try my best to not mention the holidays… at least until… September?!  (I’ve got to do another Twelve Weeks of Christmas series next year, too!)


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This picture of my dog:

See the little nose poking out from under the cushion?  Yeah she’s pretty weird awesome.

Handmade Gifts (and other reasons I’m patting myself on the back right now)

So, I said I wouldn’t return to the regularly scheduled blogging for another two weeks (holidays are hard!), but I did want to do a little show-and-tell with some of the gifts I gave this year, particularly the handmade ones.


As you may remember, Josh and I made the (ambitious) commitment to making all of our Christmas gifts for family by hand.  We knew this would help us save money and create truly personalized gifts, but we also wanted to see if we were up to challenge!  You have already seen some of the gifts (via previous blog post), but I’m going to show them again anyway.  Because I can.

Here we go:

For my mother, I took a song that reminds us of each other (“You Are My Sunshine”), printed it out (it turned out to be three pages) and framed it in three black Ikea frames.  And then I proceeded to wrap it up, ship it off, and not take a darn picture.

(Insert tear-jerking picture here)

Oh well…

For my mother-in-law, I gave the beloved linen spray:

homemade linen spray

You remember that stuff I made here?  I gave it to her as a Christmas gift (along with a host of other bath/good smelling/candles-girly things).  I think this stuff is fun for any occasion, and definitely a great alternative to Febreze… or other sprays with ingredients that are more than five syllables long.

For my orange-wearin’, University of Tennessee supporting father, I gave him the string nail art of the state of Tennessee (check out the tutorial here).

Tennessee nail string art

After the warm fuzzies of successfully completing a crafty venture set in, I decided to do the same for my Georgia-born brother-in-law, this time making Atlanta the heart and point from which all of the strings “radiated.”  Not the winning-est pics, but that’s because I only remembered at the last minute that I should snap a few before giving it away.

state string art nail georgia

Instead of buying a $10 pre-cut piece of wood from Michael’s like the last time, I decided to go with a wooden cutting board from the local dollar store (it wasn’t Dollar Tree, so the board was actually $3.99).  Then I sprayed it with a wood stain and painted the sides lime green (my fave detail).

state string art nail georgia

state string art nail georgia

The wooden cutting board came with its own hanger, and I let it remain, in hopes that my “utilitarian” brother-in-law will hang it on the walls of his spartan apartment (fingers crossed).

For my brother, we made a set of Scrabble magnets (heart-warming story found here… well, mildly heart-warming).

scrabble magnets

For Josh’s dad (my father-in-law), we decided to take advantage of a slightly long-term endeavor of mine.  Being a big fan of beer and an even bigger fan of preserving our planet, I have held onto to nearly all bottle caps whose removal I have been responsible for over the last year.  Other members of my family have been helpful in this endeavor as well (I didn’t really have to twist their arms).  At the time, I didn’t have a clear plan for said bottle caps, but I knew I would figure something out (I even have a Pinterest board devoted exclusively to this interest: check it out).

Well, I gave it the ol’ college try, and I came up with a fun art project:

bottle cap frame

I took a Ben Franklin quote (since then, I have learned that he may have not actually said this quote, but whatever), printed it off on regular printer paper, made a matte of hot-glue-gunned beer caps and stuck it in a shadow box (thanks again, Ikea).

In keeping with the beer cap theme, I decided to make some beer cap magnets for my sister-in-law’s boyfriend (who also came to visit us in NYC).  Then I liked them so much, I almost kept them… but Josh said no.  “Oooookkaaaayyy, Jooosh…”

beer cap magnets

I took the beer caps and attached a small magnet with hot glue, but not before I added a spacer to fill the cavity of the beer cap.  And what did I make the spacer out of???  Champagne corks!  Turns out that a champagne cork fits perfectly inside a bottle cap, so after I glue the cork to the bottom of the cap, I used a serrated knife (and took my time) and sawed of the remaining part (and you’ll bet I used the rest for the other bottle caps).


beer bottle cap magnets

Two upcycling efforts in one!

beer cap magnets

For my sister-in-law’s gift, I re-used the same method from the previous post about tile coasters, but this time I used images from her favorite movie of all time, Nightmare Before Christmas (when asked whether she considers it more of a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie, she enthusiastically replies “It’s an ANYTIME movie!”).

nightmare before christmas tile coasters

nightmare before christmas coasters

nightmare before christmas coasters

Handmade Christmas Gifts?  Check!

Oh yeah, and of course the handmade gifty-ness extended to the gifts Josh and I gave each other!

But more on that tomorrow…

In the meantime, subscribe (duh) and check out these links to previous posts (you know, in case you’re wondering how I made some of this stuff).

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Things that (P)inspire Me: (More) Christmas Decor

As we close the week, I also put an end to the madness that has been this Pinterest love fest (but not forever!  Just like… for a few days).  In case you haven’t been following me this week, here’s brief re-cap:

First of all, I love Pinterest.

Secondly, I decorated my apartment the day after Thanksgiving.  I say “I,” but I really mean “we.”  And not the royal “we.” I mean my super cute and SUPER enthusiastic husband helped me:

He's. So. Excited.

To check out the whole thing, go here.

On Tuesday, I waxed poetic (or pathetic… hm…..) about my Pinterest finds in the DIY Christmas Ornaments and Tree Toppers category.

On Wednesday, I talked about DIY Christmas Garlands.

On Thursday, I showed you my DIY Christmas Wreath pins… but mostly, the paper cone kind.  Yeah, I got kind of distracted…

And today’s Friday!  That means everything-else-day!  It will all make sense soon….

Most importantly, these pins are DIY, cost-effective, and SUPER festive!

But… not too festive.  For example:

Yes, that’s an example of too festive (and in case you were wondering, that atrocity is for sale!  Ay yi yi . . .)

So, here are my most recent pins:  DIY, cost-effective, and festive-but-not-too-festive-like-a-Christmas-tree-costume-that-offends-my-eyes.  K?

(Here’s my attempt at good blogger karma:  For the source of the images and ideas, click on the image)

Pinned Image

A little more ambitious than most of these ideas, but lovely nonetheless. And if you get your Christmas ornaments at the dollar store instead of more expensive, glass ones, this could also be super cheap!

Pinned Image

A fun take on a Christmas tree.

Pinned Image

This individual used photos in the shape of a heart, but I think this would be a a great way of displaying your Christmas cards (in the shape of a Christmas tree!)

Pinned Image

Lovely! Pearl beads in water with floating candles above (these are sold on Amazon, usually about $6 for 30-ish pearl beads)

Pinned Image

A tree made out of an old book with a cookie cutter as the tree topper. I feel fairly certain this will be an upcoming crafty excursion for myself. Might be great with an old magazine(s).

Pinned Image

Unique way to display Christmas cards. Looks like 4 sticks (dowels?) of varying lengths attached to a ribbon, with clips on either side.

Pinned Image

I sometimes think shadow boxes can make everything better.

Spray paint some sticks, put them in a bowl or vase, ta da!

Pinned Image

Perhaps I saved the best for last. This is an advent calendar with different surprises for each day leading up to the 25th. It's made out of matchboxes wrapped in paper and placed on a tree. Love!

How do you not love the sight of Christmas ornaments in a bowl? Yeah, that's my picture. I pinned myself. What?!

Here I go again...

I'm always a fan of the seemingly-arbitrary-but-NO-I-really-meant-to-do-that thing. Here's one example.

Hope you enjoyed those!  Have a lovely weekend, and if you start decorating this weekend (it’s December now, so you don’t have to be as embarrassed about it anymore) PLEASE snap some pictures and share with me!  E-mail:

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