Traditional Anniversary Gifts (the Remix)

Today I will have been married to Josh for four years.  (What?!)  It’s interesting because on one hand, I feel like we’ve been married forever and I can’t really remember what it was like to not have him in my life; on the other hand, I feel like we got married yesterday.

Never a dull moment…

So, following the lead of other clever bloggers before me, I decided to do my own take on the “traditional” wedding anniversary gifts… but with my own Courtney/Ginger Penny Pincher spin.  Yeah?

(Who knows who decides these things, but I really like tradition — just with a little remix.)

Of course, I didn’t do all of the years (though there are “traditional” gifts for each year, I promise); I just hit the first four.  When possible, I linked up these gift ideas with their websites, so you could browse (or buy!).  Enjoy!

1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper

I love any kind of map art, so I thought framing a map (paper) of the city where you met and/or fell in love would be a lovely way to mark your first anniversary.

Atlanta Latitude Longitude Map Art City Print, 11 x 14

{Mr. City Prints Etsy store}

Or a framed invitation or save-the-date card from your actual wedding?  Or in this case, a family tree to commemorate the beginning of a new family:

Personalized Wedding Gift - Family Tree - Engagement Gift - Custom Colors for the home 8x10 Print

{You and Yours Prints}

And being the eternal list maker that I am, I never tire of new notebooks and journals, especially if they’re upcycled from old paint chips:

PAINT CHIP NOTEBOOK / Recycled Upcycled Journal - Spiral Bound and Eco Friendly - Turquoise

{Ivy Lane Designs}

And I love these pretty embossed notebooks (I’m really digging the typewriter one):

Set of Three Assorted Pocket Notebooks: Mix and Match Embossed Small Notebooks Cahier Stocking Stuffer

{Paper Jayne Debbie}

Another one of my favorite paper gift ideas are these awesome mounted animal heads from Cardboard Safari:

{Cardboard Safari}

And of course they’re available in the traditional brown cardboard color:

{Cardboard Safari}

One day when I have more wall space, i.e., when I upgrade from 400 sq. ft., I am buying one of these (and they have more than just animal heads — check them out!)

And of course I have to include typography in any paper gift round-up.  Here’s my own take on it, complete with the Bible verse that was read at our ceremony:

{The Ginger Penny Pincher: Subway Art Tutorial}

(Click on the image for a tutorial!)

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

I like this anniversary because it can encompass so many different types of gifts, like these cotton Mr. and Mrs. pillows my mother made for us:

And in the Mr. and Mrs. vein, I thought these aprons were cute:

Matching Couple Aprons for Mr. and Mrs.

I have a growing love for the amerpsand symbol (that’s “and” sign, y’all), so these ampersand tea towels were right up my alley:

Ampersand Flour Sack Towel

{B. Poetic Home}

Speaking of tea towels (that is the first time I’ve used that clause), I LOVE these tea towels of the four seasons:

{Uncommon Goods}

I want them now.

I love chevron.  I love picnics.  So how could I not love chevron picnic blankets?

As Seen on HGTV - Waterproof Picnic Blanket - Portable Eco Friendly Quilted Beach Blanket in Teal Chevron

{Sewn Natural}

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather

This is probably Josh’s favorite (he would say it’s the “manliest” of the anniversaries), but I can certainly name many a girly leathery gift.  For example…

I heart leather gloves, but when they’re lined in cashmere, “heart” upgrades to “LOVE.”  These lovely turquoise ones come from J. Crew:

Cashmere-lined leather gloves

{J. Crew}

(Obviously a perfect gift if your anniversary falls in the bleak mid-winter.  Like ours does.)

And I especially fancy this leather tassel keychain:

{Melvin Avenue}

I love mint green and gold together anyway, and leather tassels are something I’m always drawn to — try not to read too much into that — when it comes to accessories.

Honestly, I could go crazy in the leather gift ideas category (belts, headbands, purses, shoes, these are a few of my favorite things), but on to “manlier” leather gift ideas:

Men’s monogrammed money clip (which is the only way Josh carries around his money and cards since pickpockets are so rampant in Times Square where we work):

Personalized Mens black leather wallet with money clip - monogrammed credit card holder

{Fat Cat Leather}

Leather iPhone case for the win:

Iphone 4 Leather Case

{The 1813 Co.}

And I personally think this watch is fantastic:

Leather Watch (WAT0041)

{Vinatge Lovers 2012}

And now, moving on to our current anniversary:

4th Wedding Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

Admittedly, I was less excited about this one because both flowers and fruit are perishable, so these gifts can hardly stand the test of time.  But then I realized this was “the Remix,” so… I offered ideas for actual fruit and flower gifts, then I gave the theme a little staying power with some fruit and flower themed gifts.

First, the real thing:

{The Brooklyn Salsa Company}

After visiting the Union Square holiday market and buying some of this stuff back in December, we fell in love the Brooklyn Salsa Company’s unique salsa varieties (and you can bet they use conscious methods, direct trade and source local, organic farmers).  Yum.

I’ve never had chocolate dipped grapes, but something tells me these would be oh-so-good:

Chocolate Dipped Grapes

{Harry and David}

(Or anything from Harry and David.  They seem to know a thing or two about fruit.)

As far as flowers go, I’m a huge fan of any and all, so I’m pretty easy to please in that category.

On to flowery/ fruity goodness that will last more than a week…

I love these felt cactus flower pin cushions:

Felt Cactus Pin Cushion with Clay Pot

{Butterfly Bags n Things}

And I’m all about this retro-inspired pineapple print:

Pineapple - 5" x 7" Print

{Green Girl Canvas}

resin jewelry pressed flower necklace. peach daisy mum pressed botanical Pendant on music

{Studio Botanica}

Arrested Development fans, pay attention:


I want this shirt.

How about any of you out there?  Do you follow the traditional anniversary gift guidelines?  Or are you like me, a little late to the party?  Share!

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