Homemade Cleaning Supplies Round-up

We all have lofty goals and New Year’s resolutions… Things we talk about and obsess over, but perhaps never do.  For some it’s to lose weight… or quit smoking… or quit caffeine (crazy talk!).

For me… well, it’s a lot of things.  If I were to list them all here, it would probably begin with humor and likely end with me crying over my iPad screen, which is far less cute than it sounds (tears on a touchscreen = bad news bears).

However, one thing on my “to do one day” list is to quit store bought cleaners, hunker down, and make my own.  While I haven’t done that yet, I figured if I rounded them all up in one place, then made a blog post about it, I would suddenly be held accountable for this resolve.  Yeah?

It might not work, but here they are anyway!

all purpose cleaner recipe

{Source: The Johnstons}

The many uses for hydrogen peroxide
{Source: Preparedness 365}

diy dryer sheets

DIY Dryer Sheets
{Source: The Natural Beauty Workshop}

this blogger tested multiple glass cleaner recipes and this is the winner!  (scroll to the bottom)

Tested glass cleaner
{Source: Crunchy Betty}

natural whitener tips

Natural Whiteners
{Source: Martha Stewart}

576 loads of laundry for $6.

A recipe for 576 loads of laundry for $6
{Source: Why Not Sew?}

Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Homemade Cleaning Supplies
{Source: From Garners to Bergers}

basic household products used as cleaners

Basic Household Items as Cleaners
{Source: Martha Stewart}

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