My Ever Growing Crafty To Do List

So, I spent the last week in Atlanta visiting family and friends, and per usual, “visiting” evolved into shopping with my lady family members.  And also per usual, “shopping” evolved into me getting camera phone happy, especially when we were in stores with really great merchandising, design, and decor — typically the boutiques.  Yes, I did some actual shopping — you know, where you exchange currency for goods? —  but mostly I was  window shopping, and like I said, snapping away some inspirational pics.

…Which means my already overflowing crafty to do list has grown a little longer.

On my first day in town, my mother took me to a few boutiques, as well as a really great “designer” consignment shop (where she proceeded to spoil me all in the name of “this is what the Easter Bunny will be giving you”).  Amidst the quasi shopping spree that results when you haven’t seen your only daughter in eight months, I got a few ideas.

My mom and I saw this chandelier in a boutique, and we both got our phones out in unison.  We thought it was pretty picture-worthy.

It’s made from three different circular-wire-metal things with vintage book pages clipped to each circle.  I think this idea would work especially well with old dictionary pages or sheet music.  And I’m guessing the paper is magically flame retardant or the light bulbs are really low wattage?  Not quite sure how to jump this hurdle.  Or the whole finding/making-circular-wire-metal things.  Or finding room for another light fixture in my already crowded shoebox apartment.  Ok… this project might be going to the bottom of the list.  But isn’t it cool?!

While at another boutique, I saw these fun necklaces made from jersey material:

I think I could easily duplicate these by cutting some long strips from old t-shirts (but I won’t tell that to the boutique owners who were charging $30 per necklace).

This same store had more jersey jewelry, including braided bracelets and headbands — but did I take any pictures?  Nope.  But here’s an example of what they looked like from an Etsy seller:

Multi-Color Braided T-Shirt Bracelet - Eco Friendly

{Source: Urban Creatures}

On my Shopping-But-Mostly-Hoarding-Crafty-Ideas Trip Part 2, I went with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to The Avenue, an open-air mall (they feature national retailers, but they also have local places).

At one boutique, I snapped this pic of a glitter tree and a fab dresser:

But more importantly, there was a glitter tree.  I don’t know what I’ll use it for, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make a glitter tree in the year 2012.  I’m pretty sure it will change my life.

Then, my mama-in-law, knowing how I love DIY, gave me a copy of Birds & Blooms, the Backyard Projects publication.  She told me that while she knew I had no backyard, no blooms, and no birds (city savvy pigeons don’t count), she loved all of the upcycling projects and knew I would, too (she was right).

Here’s a great gift idea I found:

{Source: Birds & Blooms}

Again, I have no green thumb, much less a place to plant green things, but I know many a gardener who would love their own plant markers.  (Hark!  Do I hear a holiday coming up on Sunday, May 13th?)

I couldn’t find the rest of the ideas on the Birds & Blooms website, so I got out my trusty scanner and did it up 90’s style.  (I know scanners are still totally practical, but  for some reason they remind me of fax machines, which are undeniably reminiscent of the 90’s).

Here’s a cool idea for a planter:

Again, I’m not going to be planting anything any time soon, but I’m a big fan of mailboxes-used-as-other-things in general:

Josh and I used this in our wedding on the gift table so guests had a place to put cards.  At the time, the handle was completely orange, but over time, the paint has chipped away.  Now it just holds toilet paper and hangs out in our bathroom.

More importantly, you were just privy to a picture of my toilet.  Now I feel so much closer to you…

And continuing my love for DIY lamps, here’s a great bamboo light shade:

I love it the way it is, but I think I’d like it even more if it was a bit shorter.

And, saving my favorite idea for last, here is a bicycle wheel organizer:

It looks like they’ve put some vintage seed packets in the spokes, but I would to-do-list the crap out of this thing.  I love the idea of using orange, green, and turquoise paper to write down reminders and ideas, then attaching them with clothespins.  And best of all, I could spin it!  It’d be like a lazy Susan to do list… I mean, how could that be bad?

And… it just so happens, I recently found a discarded bicycle wheel on the street in Brooklyn.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but I knew crafty inspiration would strike.

Here’s my newly cleaned bicycle wheel, ready for my next project:

Oh boy!  Oh boy!

Happy Monday :)