Things that (P)inspire Me: DIY Christmas Garlands

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As previously mentioned, I’m pretty darn serious about my Christmas decoratin,’ and I definitely toe the line between tacky and tres chic.  After decorating the tree, I don’t stop… I keep going.  Next stop:  Garland Land!

I mean, seriously, doesn’t every door and window frame just scream for a garland at this time of year?

Well, along with my own Dollar Store, blinged-out garland…

… I’ve pinned a few more that I find particularly inspirational.  And, in the GPP tradition, these are all DIY (and cost-effective, too!).

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Origami boxes on a string -- would be great with holiday themed paper or colors. Even better on a string of lights (stick a bulb in the hole at the top of these boxes). And in case you think you're orgami-cally challenged like me, just try to make these. It's so easy, it only took me about two minutes to make one.

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Old book pages, painted with water colors and cut into leaf shapes. This same method could be revamped in many ways, and would also be nice as an ornament on an evergreen garland.

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Cork garland. Yeah, this would take A LOT of corks, but I think it's look nice with some space in between each cork, too (knots).

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Short pieces of ribbon tied onto a string of lights.

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Dixie cups, wrapped in pretty paper, with holes in the bottom. Looove.....

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Pieces of Paper glued together with a piece of yarn strung through. These look very time consuming, but hey, if you're watching a Christmas movie or something, why not? I also think these would be nice with just one disk of paper instead of the three dimensional look.

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Sheet music chain. This is actually being sold on Etsy, but this is all too easy to make: Just take sheet music and photo copy it (a few times) on off-white paper, cut into strips (hello paper cutter) and make the chain (and I know you know how to do that).

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This bunting was made from washi tape and string. Easy!

DIY Recycled Soda Can Holiday Garland

Obviously, this ones please me to no end, especially considering that these could be spray painted easily.

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This is obviously not a Christmas garland, but this would be easy to adjust and festive-ify.

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I have zero sewing skills, but I'm guessing this look could be achieved by sewing through the center of circles (or other shapes) of felt.

Hope these inspired you!  

Do you have any DIY garland ideas of your own?  Feel free to share in comment form below!

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