Twelve Weeks of Christmas, Week 8: DIY Personalized Dry Erase Boards

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A I mentioned earlier this week in my –LINK–postcard post (ha), I recently realized that I am behind on my twelve weeks of Christmas.  Oops.

That’s why you’ll see this post says “Week 8,” but that’s not exactly true.  However, bear with me, pretend we’re using Hermione’s time turner from Harry Potter, and all will be well.

Today, I have a DIY tutorial for those who are still looking for last minute Christmas gift ideas.  It’s SUPER easy, takes almost no time, and can be personalized in any way you want.  DIY Dry Erase Boards!

I’ve recently become very interested in this idea when I saw a few inspirational ideas on Pinterest:

Source: Little Birdies

Source: The Aesthetic Writer

(I loooove the dry erase calendar idea and this is definitely my next project!)

Pinned Image

Source: Supercalifragilisricexpialadocious

Basically, it’s just a piece of paper in a glass frame, and you use dry erase markers on the glass.  EASY!

So, with one particular gift recipient in mind, one unused frame, and a little bit of word processor magic, I made one!

DIY to do list dry erase board

I used the “Angelic War” font found here (free for personal use) and made the “To Do” list using a white 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of paper.

Here’s the step by step:

1. I started with a picture frame that had a motivational message on it.  It was a gift at some point, but we’ve never found a place for it, so we kept the message but used the frame.  I figured it was time for the frame to get a promotion.

2.  I removed the hardware in the back so I could remove the original picture:

3.  Next I printed out the page to be inserted into the frame.  I now the inspirational images used colored or patterned paper, however I know this is going to a room that has colored/textured walls, so I thought something simpler would be more appropriate.  The dry erase markers can provide the color.

Here’s a close-up:

4.  Because my frame is 8″ X 10″, but the paper is 81/2″ X 11,” I traced around the frame insert so that it fit perfectly:

5.  Next, I framed the page and re-attached the hardware.

Here’s what happened when I was allowed to play with the dry erase markers:

diy dry erase board to do list


And here’s the document, if you want to copy it yourself (and perhaps use more exciting paper):

To Do List template

Obviously, the personalization possibilities are endless!  Here are a few more ideas that I’ve come up using the same method:

  • framing scrapbook or wrapping paper
  • using old newspaper (like the stocks or classifieds section)
  • making the header a monogram
  • printing a watermark on the page
  • making a border out of comics or pretty paper, in lieu of a matte
  • attaching flowers, medallions, ribbon, or other small details to the frame
  • making a frame for “Inspirational Quotes”
  • making a frame for the letter, number, or word of the day for children learning to read and write
  • various kinds of to do lists including “To Buy” or “Future Projects”
  • for kids: frame a simple outline of a body and let kids draw on the clothes, hair, and background scene (like dry erase paper dolls)
  • homework list
  • weekly and monthly calendar
  • daily workout/nutrition plan, i.e., number of reps, servings of vegetables, et al.
Those are just a few ideas that come to mind — hopefully you found them helpful!

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