Unique Christmas Trees

As you may member from this post, I am allergic to Christmas trees.  A bit sad, perhaps, but I’ve always made due with fake ones and been perfectly content (I mean, I don’t really know any different, so I guess I don’t really know what I’m missing, right?).

Aside from fake yet real-looking ones, I also love other non-traditional types of trees, too.  (I have a fantastic gold metal tree that currently resides at my parents’ house.)

So in the spirit of Charlie Brown, space age metallic trees, and sad little children with evergreen allergies, I thought I would do a round-up of unique, non-living tree alternatives.


{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Fire and Ice}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

{Source: Unknown, via Pinterest}

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile

{Source: Not Martha}


Christmas Tree Time

Well, no one could confuse us for Scrooges — Josh and I wasted no time at all decorating for Christmas. We put the event on our calendar. I almost made a countdown, but then thought better of it (and by “thought better of it,” I just mean that I realized it was in fact as crazy as it sounded… #orwasit).
And if we both didn’t have three Thanksgivings to go to as well as working in a restaurant on Black Friday (madness), we would have done it sooner. Alas, that was not possible, but that is what Sunday was for….and the Lord. Right.
Oh! And I forgot the most exciting news of all! We totally got a big kids’ Christmas tree!!!  Remember our sweet little tabletop tree from last year?

We’d also used that the other Christmases we’ve spent together as a married couple (apartment living), but this year we decided it was time to retire it and upgrade to a real tree. (And by “real,” I mean I’m allergic to the real kind, so we have to live with the fake ones. Josh knew this was a condition when marrying me, so he has long since forgiven me. I hope.)
This beaut is seven feet tall, but quite apartment friendly as it is skinny and easily stuffed into a corner.
Here she is, pre- lights and ornaments:

Aaaaand in her bedazzled, Yuletide state:

I’m not the biggest fan of red, so red and green became blue and green.  I especially love these peacock feather inspired ornaments:

Here’s some fun musical ornaments I’ve had for years:

These are some fluffy white heart ornaments I found at Ikea:

They originally had red and white gingham ribbon, and again, red NOT being my thing, I ripped out the original ribbon and sewed on a light green ribbon to tie in with the rest of the ornaments.  I also love how the white fluffiness carries the texture of the tree skirt throughout the tree.

…The tree skirt being this $9.99 white faux fur throw from Ikea:

We just used a chip clip and hid it in the back.  Sexy.

Oh, but the decor doesn’t stop on the tree.  Here’s our entertainment center:

And here’s our end table:

Our bookshelf (complete with one of my favorite ornaments, a redhead bride and brown haired groom — I got it as a gift right before Josh and I got married):

Don’t worry.  That canvas won’t stay blank forever.  I’ve got plans.

And here’s a little martini glass fun with some of my onion shaped ornaments:


Yay!  And it only took four hours and 700 lights.  (No, really.  We had to go out and buy more.)


Ok, your turn.  Share your Christmas decor pics, links, et al.  (Anyone else out there have an aversion to the traditional red and green Christmas decor?)


Deck the Walls with Swedish Housewares (fa la la la la la la la la)

Yeah, in my imagination, you all sang the title of this post, then inserted your own clever lyric changes continuing the Ikea theme that I’ve already established.  No?  OK, then.  But to the point:

I did it!  I made my own advent calendar!

I blogged about it this past Friday in this DIY advent calendar round-up, but I didn’t actually anticipate getting my serious pants on and following through.  Then I somehow ended up at Ikea on Sunday (I randomly had Sunday off), saw the accessories hanger in the home storage section, and remembered this clever advent calendar idea from one of my bloggity blog faves, Young House Love.

I’m not gonna lie… it’s not my most original moment… I just plain ol’ copied the Petersiks’ idea.  However, I did add my own twist so I thought it worthy of sharing with all you fine folk.

I bought the hanger from Ikea for a whopping $7.99 (thank you, Swedes, for your affordable home goods).  Here’s it hanging in the store, completely unaware of its yuletide future:

Lovely, yet… off white.  Not really working with the wall I had planned on attaching to.

I’ve got nothing against off white things, but not directly next to the white moulding on my walls and the pathetically sad off white radiator directly next to the hanger (not pictured).  In between these two things, it just looked dirty.

Solution: I dyed it!  Using acrylic pant, warm water, and a little whisking action, I immersed the hanger in a lime green dye solution for about two hours (one hour for each side).

Here’s the paint I used:

Here’s the dye “vat,” if you will (also know as an out-of-commission trash can):

As with any kind of dyeing done using this method, I knew the color change would be subtle.  The end result was a sort of light celery/celadon shade.  Virtually unnoticeable in pictures, but just enough green-ness in person to strike a difference between the sad, stained radiator and my lovely white moulding.

The plan was to put a different ornament and date tag in each hole (per the YHL idea) then hang a different ornament onto our Christmas tree for each day of the advent season.  However, as the season was winding down, I didn’t just want a plane tag in an otherwise empty hole against a gray wall (not exactly the most Christmas-licious color palate).  So… using a little leftover scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, and even a few pretty notecards that I’ve had for years, I made 25 colorful date tags.

Here’s my assortment of paper:

The pink, green, blue thing wasn’t on purpose; it was just a pattern that sort of emerged… and since I have plenty of pink, green, and blue ornaments, I committed to it.  I used another plain piece of cardstock to make a tag template, then traced around it for each of the 25 tags:

With more than a little tweaking and indecisiveness, I finally settled on a layout:

I attached some leftover adhesive circles — like you see people use for garage sales — and used a curlicue script to number each tag.  Then I hole-punched each one, attached an ornament, then hung the ornament and tag to the hanger with silver paper clips:

There was a lot of tweaking.  A lot of rearranging.  A lot standing with my hands on my hips, crossing my eyes (I do this last one when I’m trying to see the whole picture).

Finally I ended up with this:

It is far from perfect (like this poorly lit, slightly blurry picture), but I fancy it just fine.

Here’s a close-up (and a slightly less blurry picture, at that):

More!  More!

Josh’s comment was: “That’s a lot of pink.  But I still like it.”

(I’m both proud and relieved.)

And since it’s still November, I still have a few days to enjoy it in its complete state.

I’m totally patting myself on the back right now.

(And wishing for a better camera.)

Any one else out there venture into DIY land this weekend?  Advent calendars?  Tree decoratin’?  Dog portraiture?  Share, y’all!

See you tomorrow — hopefully with some Christmas decor pics.

DIY Advent Calendar Time (You Can Do It)

I know, I know, you’re all either spending time with family or shopping or eating turkey leftovers or something equally appropriate.  However, I thought I’d send a little round-up your way (two in one week?), this time: DIY Advent Calendars.

I’ve always enjoyed the advent calendar tradition and have wanted to make my own for quite some time, but I don’t usually resolve to do this until somewhere in the middle of December… when it’s really too late.  So this year: the day after Thanksgiving! (Oh, I’m not playing around this year.)

Here are just a few of my faves from the world wide interwebz.  Not sure which one I’m going with (or my own invention perhaps?), but of course I’ll keep you posted.

As always, I’ve linked and tagged the beejesus out of these ideas — they are not mine — so if you Pin them or link them up elsewhere, please give credit where credit is due (which is not to me).  Karma.  Yay.

Picture 247

{Source: Sweet Paul Blog}

{Source: Young House Love}

advent calendar envelopes

{Source: Quiet Fish}

{Source: Manic Mommies}

{Source: Twig and Thistle}

Little Houses Advent Calendar Tutorial

{Source: Maya Made}

Things that (P)inspire Me: (More) Christmas Decor

As we close the week, I also put an end to the madness that has been this Pinterest love fest (but not forever!  Just like… for a few days).  In case you haven’t been following me this week, here’s brief re-cap:

First of all, I love Pinterest.

Secondly, I decorated my apartment the day after Thanksgiving.  I say “I,” but I really mean “we.”  And not the royal “we.” I mean my super cute and SUPER enthusiastic husband helped me:

He's. So. Excited.

To check out the whole thing, go here.

On Tuesday, I waxed poetic (or pathetic… hm…..) about my Pinterest finds in the DIY Christmas Ornaments and Tree Toppers category.

On Wednesday, I talked about DIY Christmas Garlands.

On Thursday, I showed you my DIY Christmas Wreath pins… but mostly, the paper cone kind.  Yeah, I got kind of distracted…

And today’s Friday!  That means everything-else-day!  It will all make sense soon….

Most importantly, these pins are DIY, cost-effective, and SUPER festive!

But… not too festive.  For example:

Yes, that’s an example of too festive (and in case you were wondering, that atrocity is for sale!  Ay yi yi . . .)

So, here are my most recent pins:  DIY, cost-effective, and festive-but-not-too-festive-like-a-Christmas-tree-costume-that-offends-my-eyes.  K?

(Here’s my attempt at good blogger karma:  For the source of the images and ideas, click on the image)

Pinned Image

A little more ambitious than most of these ideas, but lovely nonetheless. And if you get your Christmas ornaments at the dollar store instead of more expensive, glass ones, this could also be super cheap!

Pinned Image

A fun take on a Christmas tree.

Pinned Image

This individual used photos in the shape of a heart, but I think this would be a a great way of displaying your Christmas cards (in the shape of a Christmas tree!)

Pinned Image

Lovely! Pearl beads in water with floating candles above (these are sold on Amazon, usually about $6 for 30-ish pearl beads)

Pinned Image

A tree made out of an old book with a cookie cutter as the tree topper. I feel fairly certain this will be an upcoming crafty excursion for myself. Might be great with an old magazine(s).

Pinned Image

Unique way to display Christmas cards. Looks like 4 sticks (dowels?) of varying lengths attached to a ribbon, with clips on either side.

Pinned Image

I sometimes think shadow boxes can make everything better.

Spray paint some sticks, put them in a bowl or vase, ta da!

Pinned Image

Perhaps I saved the best for last. This is an advent calendar with different surprises for each day leading up to the 25th. It's made out of matchboxes wrapped in paper and placed on a tree. Love!

How do you not love the sight of Christmas ornaments in a bowl? Yeah, that's my picture. I pinned myself. What?!

Here I go again...

I'm always a fan of the seemingly-arbitrary-but-NO-I-really-meant-to-do-that thing. Here's one example.

Hope you enjoyed those!  Have a lovely weekend, and if you start decorating this weekend (it’s December now, so you don’t have to be as embarrassed about it anymore) PLEASE snap some pictures and share with me!  E-mail: thegingerpennypincher@gmail.com

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Another ridiculous Christmas tree costume


Things that (P)inspire Me: DIY Christmas Wreaths

It’s a Pinterest party up in here this week, and today I want to talk about DIY Christmas Wreaths!

(What’s Pinterest?  Go their website and/or read my spiel about it.  There.  All better now.)

You may remember my wreath from my previous decorating post:

Currently, this is hanging on my bedroom door, but I don’t yet have one for my front door.  The bell wreath was a gift, but I knew that I wanted to try my hand at making the next one.  Check out my latest Pinterest finds — all DIY and all cost-effective (because we like it that way).


(All images are linked to their original sources — Just Click!)

Pinned Image

A different take on a wreath -- a painted picture frame, with ornaments and a bow.

Pinned Image

Probably not the best choice for a front door, but I really like the method. Perhaps use Christmas cards instead?

OK, here’s where I derail… sort of.  So, I found those two lovely ideas (above) and then I remembered a concept I’d seen before:  paper cone wreaths.  I started searching for images so I could share with all of you — especially since I think this will be the kind of wreath I make — and somehow I ended up pinning nearly a dozen other paper cone wreaths.  Maybe this post should be called “Paper Cone Wreaths, Courtney’s New Obsession.”  I mean, seriously… it’s about to get a little silly.  So without further ado, my “sub post”:

Paper Cone Wreaths, Courtney’s New (slightly unhealthy) Obsession:

Pinned Image

One of the simpler versions. Still lovely.

Pinned Image

Another simple sheet music cone wreath.

Pinned Image

Similar to the one above, but with an angel figurine in the middle (That's the angel of the Lord, y'all!).

Pinned Image

Oooh... Now we're gettin' fancy! This was made with multiple cones at various angles (According to the website this came from, these are made from pages in an old book).

Pinned Image

Pretty girl... This wreath was made with pages from a romance novel (ooh la la!) and instead of rolling the pages into cones, she ruffled them by folding them in and attaching them to a styrofoam wreath base.

Pinned Image

Back to the cone idea, but this Etsy seller added colored paper around and inside some of the cones. Niiice... I think I've found the wreath I want to make :)

Yeah, that’s just some of them.  Like I said… I sort of got carried away.  Needless to say, there are MANY different types of wreaths out there… and many can be made  by YOU for next to nothing.

Once I get around to making mine (probably a version of the last one) I’ll definitely post pics here!

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Things that (P)inspire Me: DIY Christmas Garlands

***Find my previous posts regarding “Things that (P)inspire Me” here.

As previously mentioned, I’m pretty darn serious about my Christmas decoratin,’ and I definitely toe the line between tacky and tres chic.  After decorating the tree, I don’t stop… I keep going.  Next stop:  Garland Land!

I mean, seriously, doesn’t every door and window frame just scream for a garland at this time of year?

Well, along with my own Dollar Store, blinged-out garland…

… I’ve pinned a few more that I find particularly inspirational.  And, in the GPP tradition, these are all DIY (and cost-effective, too!).

(As always, you can click on the image for the link to the original source!)

Pinned Image

Origami boxes on a string -- would be great with holiday themed paper or colors. Even better on a string of lights (stick a bulb in the hole at the top of these boxes). And in case you think you're orgami-cally challenged like me, just try to make these. It's so easy, it only took me about two minutes to make one.

Pinned Image

Old book pages, painted with water colors and cut into leaf shapes. This same method could be revamped in many ways, and would also be nice as an ornament on an evergreen garland.

Pinned Image

Cork garland. Yeah, this would take A LOT of corks, but I think it's look nice with some space in between each cork, too (knots).

Pinned Image

Short pieces of ribbon tied onto a string of lights.

Pinned Image

Dixie cups, wrapped in pretty paper, with holes in the bottom. Looove.....

Pinned Image

Pieces of Paper glued together with a piece of yarn strung through. These look very time consuming, but hey, if you're watching a Christmas movie or something, why not? I also think these would be nice with just one disk of paper instead of the three dimensional look.

Pinned Image

Sheet music chain. This is actually being sold on Etsy, but this is all too easy to make: Just take sheet music and photo copy it (a few times) on off-white paper, cut into strips (hello paper cutter) and make the chain (and I know you know how to do that).

Pinned Image

This bunting was made from washi tape and string. Easy!

DIY Recycled Soda Can Holiday Garland

Obviously, this ones please me to no end, especially considering that these could be spray painted easily.

Pinned Image

This is obviously not a Christmas garland, but this would be easy to adjust and festive-ify.

Pinned Image

I have zero sewing skills, but I'm guessing this look could be achieved by sewing through the center of circles (or other shapes) of felt.

Hope these inspired you!  

Do you have any DIY garland ideas of your own?  Feel free to share in comment form below!

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Things that (P)inspire Me: DIY Christmas Ornaments and Tree Toppers

Hey, remember that week where I posted almost every day about my recent Pinterest finds?!  No?  Oh… well, that’s because that’s happening now!  

(To check out my previous posts of “Things that (P)inspire Me,” go here.)

As I did an inventory of my vast ornament collection last Friday, I was surprised to discover that none of my ornaments were handmade (or at least, handmade by me).  Of course, all of my ornaments are a product of penny pinching (or gift-receiving), so that’s nothing to balk at, but still… there remains a DIY-sized hole in my heart that must. be. filled.  So, I turned to my tried, true, and trusted friend, the Pinterest bookmarklet (nope, not a typo).

(In case you’re confused check out www.pinterest.com.)
Below are some of my most recent finds (also thanks to Google image search).  Hope you are as inspired as I now am!
(Click on the pictures for the links to the original sources.)
Pinned Image
 Pinned Image
 Thumbtacks and a styrofoam ball!
Pinned ImageScrabble pieces glued together
Pinned Image
Small dollar store frames with pretty paper
Pinned Image
An oldie, but a goodie.  These would be especially nice with metallic or patterned paper.
Felt ornament — read the instructions, it’s actually easier than it looks!
Pinned Image
I guess these are a little more obvious than most, but aren’t they pretty?  And with the length of these pipe cleaners, they can be a statement ornament (like… a “statement ring”) :)
Pinned Image
This particular pin is from Young House Love and was a product of the Pinterest Challenge that they recently co-hosted.  38 DIY ornaments for a total of $27.  Not too bad!
Pinned Image
An old key, spray painted (also part of the “Challenge” from above).  Vamping on this same idea, many household items, however seemingly mundane, would make great ornaments!  Silverware, earrings, those are just the first two that come to mind…
Pinned Image
Tree topper, made from pipe cleaners and a styrofoam ball.  But you know me, I would have used a different color.
Pinned Image
I love ANY home decor idea involving recycled sheet music (and I have plenty of it).  So fun as a tree topper!  (More on sheet music/Christmas decor on Wednesday!)
Hope you enjoyed those!(Subscribe, silly!  What are you waiting for?)

Show-and-Tell: Thrifty Tree Decorating

Well, Josh and I wasted no time!  The day after Thanksgiving, we woke up early, made breakfast (this is an event itself), and decorated the tree.  And… you’re in luck (or maybe not) because I snapped many a photo in hopes of sharing with you!  And… I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go through each element and item in the process and tell you where I found it or how much I paid for it… so here goes!

In case you didn’t notice, I skipped right over the post that tells how to get the best deal on a live Christmas tree.  This is because (cue sad music) I am allergic to most evergreens, i.e., Christmas trees (cue trumpet mute: “Womp womp wo-o-omp….”).  I know, it sounds sort of pathetic, but in reality I’ve never been able to have a live tree in any home I’ve ever lived in, so I’m not missing anything since I don’t know what I’m missing.

(However, Josh did grow up with live trees, and I know he misses them.  Sorry, Josh.)

So… in lieu of a live tree, I have a lovely little fake one that has stood by me for about four years now, through five different apartments!  Needless to say, because I live in a small apartment, the tree is a small one — about 4 feet tall.  Here it is, pre-fluffed:

Christmas tree out of box


Yeah, not too exciting… yet.  However, after about 10 minutes of “fluffing” as I call it, it looks something like this:

naked christmas tree

A close-up of some of the branches. See? I think it does a respectable job at trying to look real!

I originally bought the tree in October of 2007 at a Goodwill store in Lancaster, PA.  Usually these are about $30-50 in a store, but I paid a mere $8.  I love Goodwill.

Oh, and by the way, I used the table that comes with my Honda CR-V (looks like this), but I think any card table or even a small end table would work fine.  Honda table = free.

To cover the less-than-lovely green Honda table, I took an orange Ikea curtain, draped it over the table, and hid the excess in between the wall and the table (shh… it’s a secret).  The Ikea curtain was originally $19.99 (for two panels), but since it was originally purchased for a previous un-Christmas-tree-related purpose, you know me… I call that free.

Next come the lights — and not a moment too soon, because I really think one of the saddest looking things is an unlit Christmas tree.  For our 4′ tree, we use two strands of 100-ct. white lights.  Both strands were purchased at CVS; they were originally $4.99, but with my (free) CVS rewards card, they were only $1.99 each.  Bam!  Now, this year we’re only using two strands of lights, but the plan for next year is to add another strand (I can hear Teresa Foster’s voice in my head saying “That’s still not enough!”  I know mama, I know).  However, here is the two strand tree, still lovely:

small christmas tree with lights

O Tannenbaum...

Slightly sparklier…

small christmas tree with lights

Tree skirt:  I’m a big fan of tree skirts, but since I usually do the Christmas gift thing early, this means I wrap them pretty early, too.  It’s nothing unusual for me to have all gifts wrapped and under the tree by December 5th.  This means the tree skirt will be hidden for most of the holiday season.  So, instead of actually having a “legit” tree skirt, I wrapped a metallic orange curtain around the base.  This curtain is one of two panels that I got at Goodwill (for my first apartment), originally for $5.

Next come the ornaments!

Here they are in the box after they’ve been unwrapped:

christmas ornaments

Ooh!  Pretty….

About half of these came from Goodwill and Dollar Tree over the years, about 1/4 of them came in a big multi-pack at Hobby Lobby with a 50% off coupon, and the rest were gifts.

You might be scratching your head now, saying “Where are the DIY ornaments?”  Um, yeah… about that…

I don’t have any!  I know, I know… weird for me, right?  It’s not that I don’t like DIY ornaments… I’ve just never tried my hand at them (and honestly, Goodwill has helped me out so much, I haven’t really been lacking in the ornament department).  However, I plan to change that this year!  But more on that in a future post

In the meantime, here is the tree, all blinged out:

orange and green christmas tree


As you can see, I’m not really into the red and green thing;  I prefer ORANGE and green! (And orange has red in it, if you want to get all color-wheel-nerd about it, so that’s close enough, right?)

Lastly, the tree topper!  This particular tree topper…

waterford ice skating tree topper

… came from… you guessed it… Goodwill.  And in case you’re sitting there doubting my thrift store prowess, Check. it. out:

Uh huh.  That’s right.  $6.97.  Even has the price sticker to prove it!  Also, maybe you noticed the brand of the tree topper?  It’s the Marquis line by Waterford.  As in Waterford crystal.  You know, those fancy folks who make the ball that drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve?  And the chandeliers in Westminster Abbey?  And dozens of sports trophies? Yeah, they’re the big time.

(I even Googled my tree topper, just to see what it may have originally cost.  Here’s a link to an eBay seller’s store where they’re currently selling it for $40.99. I’ve found elsewhere from $35-50.)

And… because these things are important to Josh, I let him put on the tree topper:

Look at that face!?  That’s a happy husband.  And in case you were wondering if he was posed for this picture, the answer is no.  He really is that excited.

Ta da!

Now to the rest of the apartment… because when it comes to Christmas, I like to really toe that line between tacky and chic.  :)

Because I have a small tree, but a serious Goodwill/Dollar Tree/People-give-these-things-to-me problem, I have a surplus of ornaments.  And since the green and orange ornaments are the only ones to make the cut when it comes to decorating the tree (I made up this rule and I’m sticking to it), that leaves many more to… put into bowls!  This is obviously a more festive spin on putting balls into bowls (also one of my favorite, albeit often used, decor things).  Here are a few examples of how I’ve done this:

2 tiered fruit bowl with christmas ornaments

Here’s a close up of the bottom level:

Christmas ornaments in a bowl

I don’t like to arbitrarily place the ornaments in just any combination;  I like to group them by color families, or to coordinate with surrounding decor.  Since the walls in my apartment are blue, but I have a lot of orange and natural-colored accents, I like to acknowledge both the cool and warm colors (this is serious stuff).  Here’s a bowl of warmer toned Christmas ornaments:

bowl of christmas ornaments

Ahhh…. the juxtaposition of the cool and warm :)

Here’s a bird’s eye view:

bowl of christmas balls

Did I ask my camera to make the light in the room look like this? No. Did it do it anyway? Of course.

But wait!  There’s more…


Una mas…

In addition to bowls of balls (ha), I also like to place some of my favorite ornaments in other places, too.  Here’s a bride and groom ornament that my friend, Laura, gave me when I got married.  I’ve placed it next to a small frame that contains Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 (read by our friend, Joanna, at our wedding).

The bride has red hair... like someone else I know :)

Here’s an Eiffel Tower ornament that my friend, Spring gave me when I did the show Madeline’ Christmas (it’s set in Paris).

And lest we decorate for Christmas and forget a garland!  This one (below) was purchased at Dollar Tree, along with the ornaments attached to it.

Smack dab in the middle of the garland is an angel ornament given to me by my friend, Laura.  Let’s pretend it’s the Angel of the Lord.  Okay!

And here’s a wreath (it was a gift from my mother, who knows I’m not really into the red and green Christmas thing):

That’s all I have for now.  In the upcoming weeks, I plan to make a wreath for the front door — I’m thinking a festive version of a sheet music wreath?  A “Things that (P)inspire Me” post very soon!

So… let’s go through the list, just so I can say I told you:

Tree:  Goodwill, $8 (though I know you could find these on Craigslist as well)

Table:  Honda CR-V picnic table, came free with the car

Table cloth: a curtain panel reused from a previous apartment, free

Tree skirt:  a curtain panel reused from a previous apartment (originally from Goodwill), free

Christmas lights: 2 packs of 100 ct. lights from CVS, $1.99 X 2 = $3.98

Non-gift Christmas ornaments: Goodwill, 2 packs were $2.97 each (with about 15-20 ornaments in each pack), so a total of $5.94 for both

I got another pack of four orange class ornaments from Goodwill for $1.97

Orange and green glass ornaments (on the tree): came in a multi-pack for $9.99 from Hobby Lobby (after the 50% off coupon)

Marquis Waterford tree topper:  Goodwill, $6.97

Evergreen garland:  Dollar Tree, $1

Silver glitter ornaments:  Dollar Tree, ten pack, $1

Lime green glitter snowflakes:  Dollar Tree, $1

Jingle bell Wreath:  A gift (Thanks mom!), free

Bride-and-groom, angel, and Eiffel Tower glass ornaments: all gifts, free

Cute and enthusiastic husband:  Priceless  (but also free)

That’s it (so far)…  Hope these pictures and ideas inspired you, and  hopefully you feel encouraged to go check out your local thrift store or dollar store for more ideas and options.

Oh yeah… I almost forgot!  Dog stockings (from Dollar Tree)!!!

And if you’re still looking for inspiration, worry not!  This week is all about Christmas decor ideas, and what better place to turn to than Pinterest?  So I did!