When DIY Goes Wrong

The title is a bit more dramatic than the actual story.  No one was maimed or mutilated.  Just a DIY fail that I had to share.

(I was channeling that segment from the Chappelle Show called “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.”  Anyone?  As I’m writing this on the subway, I’m giggling out loud just thinking about it.  And believe it or not, even though its just a comic sketch, I apply this life lesson when encountering difficult strangers who say offensive/disgusting/ewww gross things to me — I just remember what Dave Chappelle taught me… and ignore them.  Who’d-a thunk it?)

Remember the last time I etched glass? Well, I loved the technique so much that I’ve been searching for another glass etching project since then, and I though I had found it in these three glass heart ornaments from Ikea (here’s the post about my trip last week).

Well, I got out my painter’s tape, put on my protective gloves, and dug through my craft box to find the glass etching cream.  Of course, the etching cream only works on glass (no plastic or Pyrex), which was A-OK by me, as the heart ornaments were clearly made of glass.  (Right?)

I taped a fun chevron pattern on one, then did an “M” and an “N” for our little children-with-tails, Margeaux and Nola.  (So sweet, I know.)


After more than the customary time with the etching cream on the “glass surface,” I rinsed off the heart in the sink (protective gloves, y’all) only to reveal….



The etching cream didn’t do a damn thing.

I was more than a little disheartened.  (For the record, I tried the technique a second time and it didn’t work.)  I assume the hearts were made of some Pyrex type material, as nothing else would explain it not working.  #DIYfail

So… In case you were following my lead on this project and going to Ikea to get some etchable heart-shaped goodness, you will be almost as let down as I was (but not quite as much as me — I totally did the Charlie Brown/Arrested Development sulking walk to “Christmastime is Here”).

So no big reveal… This is what they look like now:


And this is what they looked like before:


Ha.  Pretty anticlimactic.  However, the red gingham ribbon is gone for good (boo red), so I’ll probably just add some pretty green ribbon (like I did with these fuzzy hearts I also got from Ikea):


We’ll see.

And thus ends this episode of…

When DIY Goes Wrong.


Anyone else out there using the DIY Fail hash tag recently?  It hurts… Oh, it hurts.

(Come back tomorrow for a slightly more successful DIY adventure!)

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