A Prequel without All the Gratuitous Special Effects

Consider this post a prequel to Monday’s post, Deck the Walls with Swedish Housewares (that’s the one where I made the advent calendar using a hanging organizer a la Young House Love).

Last weekend, like I often do, I took a trip to Ikea (you may remember this most recent one).  Mostly I just wanted to check out what was new, particularly with the holiday inventory, but I was also looking for A) a unique tree skirt and B) the hanging organizer that I’d had my eye on since I did this DIY advent calendar round-up.

Of course, I ended up doing what I always do with my trips to Ikea and started snapping pics of things that excited me, inspired me, and even appalled me (though mostly the first two).  Well, right away I was inspired and found something pic-worthy:

That’s right, apparently Ikea Brooklyn is a FEMA and Sandy relief center (which makes perfect sense because they have the space, and they are near the heart of a lot of the devastation that occurred).

Very cool, Ikea.  Well done.

But back to housewares….

Instead of starting in the showroom, I decided to take the shortcut to the check-outs because I knew this would be Christmas central.  Oh, and it was…

They had numerous trees, all with different themes or color schemes.  Of course there were plenty of Christmas standards, like red, green, and metallic ball ornaments, but there were also some one-of-kind Ikea finds, like this cool garland:

I’m not really a garland-around-the-tree type of gal, but I liked this stuff.

Here were some cool heart-shaped ornaments, which I bought:

They’re were made of glass, so of course I have plans for some glass etching magic (like I did back in this post).  Stay tuned for that.

And I loved these wicker-ish sort of hearts (they had a slew of other shapes too, which I failed to photograph):

These sampler packs were nice, especially if you’re getting a new tree:

Fun stuff…

And I thought these cones were so clever especially if you married someone with a Christmas tree allergy (you could fill them with Christmas tree scented potpourri and at least you wouldn’t miss out on the scent!).

I’m always a sucker for Ikea wrapping paper — this year was no exception.  They had some of the brown butcher paper-style wrapping paper I got last year.

But they also had some new — or new to me — papers, like these metallic and white stripes.

Yeah, I bought some.  I also bought a roll of this sheet music wrapping paper:

I mean, of course I did.  I nerded out a little when I saw it.

Then I ventured forth into the showroom part of Ikea, where I immediately found my tree skirt: a $9.99 faux fur throw:

I already planned on doing a sort of peacock-inspired, blue and green tree, so the elegance and fun of this throw worked perfectly for my plan.

I thought this table runner was cool (and it had some of my favorite colors):

This huge clock interested me for some reason.

Maybe its size?  Maybe it’s minty green shade?  (I’ve been gravitating towards mint green lately.)

And I always love this green glass lamp…

Going back to mint green, I love these plates….

And the natural fiber chargers beneath them.  So cool.

Oh, and there was a whole room in the “Swedish Rustic” style, and I immediately thought about Josh and his newfound interests in log cabins and tree grafting (no really, tree grafting).

And they had my future tree skirt on display as well…

These prints — that looked like they came out of some turn-of-the-century biology textbook — also spoke to the nerd in me:

Then I passed through the kitchen area, where the same music note pattern from the wrapping paper found its way onto a set of glass tumblers:


Here are some small glass mugs.  I want to put apple cider in them NOW.

And as always, I surveyed my options for future glass etching projects…

And ended up buying these pilsners:

Then on to the textiles department where I found this beige table runner on sale for $4.99.

There’s a painter’s tape project in there somewhere…. I’ll let you know.

And here was the final damage:

Not too bad.  (And of course I enjoyed my $2.50 dinner on my way out.)

Oh, Ikea.  You have my heart.  You always will.  (Especially when you go and do stuff like this):

Anyone else visit the big yellow box lately?  I just learned that the Ikeas in other countries carry different things, including some items that have been discontinued in the states.

This makes me want to go on an Ikea world tour!  Who’s in?!?



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