Embracing Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

With Thanksgiving coming up (like, tomorrow), you may be looking forward to all of the culinary delights that await you.  Or if you’re like me, you’re weird and aren’t necessarily thrilled with Thanksgiving food — just more so interested in perpetuating traditions.  (This isn’t a cynical adult thing; I’ve just never been that jazzed about cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey – unless we’re talking fried turkey, which is off the chain and should be experienced by everyone at least once.)

So, if you’re like me, you’re especially excited to get those leftovers OUT of the fridge and on to greener pastures (or your stomach – either way).  If you’re looking for slightly more exciting incarnations of Thanksgiving food, here’s a round-up of just a few ideas.  As always, I’ve credited each pic to its original source – just click on the pictures for the recipe.

Post image for Turkey, Cranberry & Havarti Panini (My 50th!)

Turkey, Cranberry, and Havarti Panini
{Source: Panini Happy}

Cranberry Turkey Crostini Recipe

Cranberry Turkey Crostini
{Taste of Home}

Smoky Turkey Shepherd’s Pie
{Source: Food Network, Rachel Ray}

Pierogis (uses leftover mashed potatoes)
{Source: Real Epicurean}

Potato Croquettes
{Source: Momofuku For 2}

Bird to the Last Drop Soup
{Source: Food Network}

Paula’s Turkey Pot Pie
{Source: Food Network}

Fried Stuffing Bites with Leftover Cranberry Pesto Sauce
{Source: Food Network}

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Pitas from Melissa d Arabia

Sweet and Spicy Turkey Pitas
{Source: Food Network}