Broken computers and broken hearts

***Actually, no hearts were broken in the writing of this post. I was just feeling poetic… or something.

So my computer is broken — Boo! Hiss! — for lack of a better, more technical description of its problem. Basically, it’s not turning on. Yeah. Which means I’m reduced to writing posts on my phone or iPad, neither of which are easy to use in the whole blog posting endeavor. Basically, this means no posts until it gets fixed… which I hope happens soon (fingers crossed). In the meantime, how about a seasonally appropriate throwback to some previous posts? Yes! Though Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet, it’s an ideal time to start Christmas shopping (or any holiday related shopping, for that mater). So here’s my most popular series (based on stats, emails, and general cyber feel goodery).

I've thrown together handmade gift projects/tutorials as well as inexpensive, last minute gift ideas along with a slew of other tips and tricks.

It'll change your life.

Or... just give you some gifting inspiration.


Hope you enjoy -- or re-enjoy, for you loyal GPP readers! And just know that while you're reading those posts, I will be either:

A) Writing new posts (in my heart).
B) Getting my computer fixed.
C) Taking pictures of my dogs while drinking Diet Coke.

(OK, we'll c is a given.)