The Cheapest Meal in NYC (and a little Swedish home decor)

Josh and I had a day off not too long ago.  Overwhelmed by the number of things we could do with our time, namely productive things, we chose instead, to go visit Ikea.

By no stretch were we looking for furniture (or other home decor items, for that matter).  We’re just wild and crazy kids who like to do wild and crazy things… like visit Ikea.  (Yeah, I know — people are skydiving from the edge of space and we’re browsing Swedish housewares.  Why there isn’t a reality show about our lives is beyond me.)

Needless to say, I captured the excursion on the good ol’ Android camera phone.  We also ate a very filling meal for two for less than six dollars… but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Some of the things I took pictures of were not necessarily earth shatteringly amazing finds or fabulous ideas, but more so observations, specifically for things that would be great in small spaces and/or apartments.

Show-and-tell time:

We started off in the furniture section, and I found more than a few things I could take home with me.  For example, our future couch…

Dark grey, yes ma’am.  (But anything’s better than our taupe, slip-covered mess we currently have.)

And definitely affordable… for a sofa.

I really fancied this swivel chair:

As did Josh:

And if I were in the market for an end table, this would’ve gone home with me:

Not a fan of the color, but it’s Ikea — half of the reason you shop there is for the hacking possibilities.

And another end table that could have easily gone home with me:

I was in a classic lines kind of mood.  This dining set was no exception:

After the general furniture, we got into the showroom part of Ikea, or as I like to call it, reality.  

For instance:

I’m sure a lot of people are amused by this prospect, but it’s not too far from the truth in our case.

And I love these showrooms, not for the design, but for the little details.  Like this shelf over the door:

So simple, but so clever… especially for small spaces.  And it provides a little architectural detail.

Here are some other shelves (I especially like the unfinished wood with the stainless brackets and black wall):

Speaking of stainless things, I loved this outdoorsy/industrial/catchall light fixture:

And of course, there’s everyone’s favorite:

Then there’s everyone’s least favorite (or at least, ours):

No bueno.

For the nerdy, type-A, office supply lovin’ folks out there…

I know, I know… I could probably find something just like it at Target or Wal-mart, but I found this one especially appealing for some reason.  And because it’s metal, there’s the prospect of spray painting it.  You know, me spray painting something, old news.

I liked this funky pillow cover.

Which made me think of all the possibilities if I had a canvas type material and a good fabric pen.  Hm……

Then we ventured into kitchen land, which is always fun for the apartment dweller in me because of their smart storage ideas — particularly, all of these great rails and brackets for your wall:

(Recognize those from my bedroom makeover?)

And one of my favorite Ikea conventions, the magnetic wall strips:

I’d never noticed these canisters before, but I thought they’d be great for a magnetic spice rack.

I’d realllly love these on a magnetic wall, perhaps with the contents written above each item in chalk?  That way they always go back to the right place when you’re done with them.

When all was said and done, we bought nary a thing.  Like I said, we weren’t really in the market for more stuff.  But we were hungry.  So we stopped at the hot dog counter (as I call it in my head) and paid a whopping $5.00 for 4 hot dogs, 2 bags of chips, and 2 fountain drinks (with the promise of free refills).    Crazy talk.  And this is in the New York City limits, after all (though I would argue that a $5 dinner for two most anywhere is a great deal).

Was it the healthiest dinner we’ve ever had?  No.  Was it the most delicious?  No.     But it was the cheapest in NYC (I’m not sure I could make that meal for that cheap).  Amusingly enough, I noticed the “hot dog counter” was popular among lots of Ikea’s visitors, many of whom hadn’t bought anything like this.  This makes me wonder if some people don’t just go to Ikea for the cheap meal?

And so I took some pictures:

And Josh has a thing for hot dogs, so eating there was an obvious choice.

(I even dressed up Margeaux as a hot dog for Halloween last year.)

She was so grateful.  Clearly.

Yeah, so that was our adventurous day off.  What will we do with our next day off?  Well, there is a Target about four subway stops away.  And I love me some Tar-Jay.

Like I said, we’re wild and crazy kids.


4 thoughts on “The Cheapest Meal in NYC (and a little Swedish home decor)

  1. Well Hello fellow ginger!
    Dude, get the HOVAS. The hubs and I hemmed and hawed about it for over a year. We finally made the jump and we LURRVVEEE it. I loved the grey slipcover too. I tried to be super smart and dye and white one, but it was a tragic mess. Now I just bleach the everlovin’ ish out of my white cover.

    Anywho. Found this blog after googling HOVAS. Saw your gentleman caller on the sofa and was all, ‘I need to check this out’.

    the sofa.. not the gentleman caller. I mean, he’s cute, but I’m not that kind of girl.

    Ok, I am babbling. Moral of the story. Get the HOVAS.


  2. Hovas = awesome. Thanks for the input! It’ll definitely be our next big purchase (my “gentleman caller” as you call him probably thinks it’ll be a flat screen, but me getting a new grey sofa is a priority). Thanks again, and thanks for subscribing! Now I’ll have to go check our your blog! :)

    Sent from my iPad, thus the typos.

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