Rosario Strikes Again

Remember Rosario the paintbrush and all her homies?

I mean, how could you forget?

And the last time she painted some spoons, here’s what we ended up with:

Yeah, I like those real good.

However, what I don’t like is that the spoon handles are usually not seen as their home is in that silver crock on the green baker’s rack:

In fact, I don’t even remember that they’re painted until I pull one out… then it’s a nice surprise, but still.  I wanted a set that could be visible.  Preferably with a hole in the handle so they could be hung like the rest of these colorful utensils in my kitchen wall.

Fortunately, I found a bamboo set at a Dollar Tree in Atlanta this summer (fifty cents each).  But because they were bamboo, I was a little concerned about painting them.  I’d never painted a pattern on bamboo before and I assumed because of the strong grain in the bamboo that the paint might run — this would possibly be cool if the end result was sort of an ikat type thing… But it’d probably look more like an accident in that case.

However, Rosario rose to the challenge — never a doubt — and came through beautifully (right?).

Here’s the finished product:

And since the pair have holes in their handles, they can hang on the kitchen wall tension rod:

Aw… It’s like one big, happy, citrus-colored family.

To avoid that ikat-but-really-an-accident thing, I just used painter’s tape to mark off the lines, like I did before!

Oh!  And speaking of ikat, we’re gonna talk about that tomorrow.  Stay tuned :)

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  1. Hey Court – I keep receiving updates about new posts on the GPP blog, but when I click the links, it takes me to a blank GPP site that says “page not found.” If I refresh your blog website, the most recent post is this one about Rosario! :( Here’s hoping it’s just my weird internet here in Korean schools, not a glitch with the blog… #sad #sad #sad

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