Beer Cap Magnet Tutorial

Curiously, one of the things that brings the most traffic to my blog are Pins and links to the beer cap magnets I made back in December.

Curious because these were just something I threw together, literally with what I had laying around… plus a few glue sticks and a roll of magnetic tape.  And since the non-tutorial is just sort of grouped together with a post about a bunch of other things I made as Christmas presents, I thought it was high time I devoted a post to just the beer cap magnets.

To call it a tutorial would be silly, because they’re so easy to make and require no skill/creativity, but… yeah, this is a tutorial.

You’ll need:

  • Beer caps (or soda bottle caps or whatever)
  • Magnets (I recommend the magnetic tape rolls)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Washer or cork or some kind of spacer

Take the beer cap — which you undoubtedly obtained by giving it the ol’ college try — and glue the spacer to the bottom in the hollow of the beer cap.  Metal washers are great for this, but I actually used old wine corks for mine (in keeping with the libations theme).

I took each wine cork and cut it into small slices using a serrated kitchen knife.  Each cork yielded about three spacers.  And like the beer caps, they were free!

Then I took a small strip of magnetic tape — small, because the beer caps weigh nothing — and even though it’s tape, I put a dot of hot glue on the cork before pressing on the magnet.  That’s it!

The beer caps and cork were free, the pack of hot glue sticks was a whopping dollar (and I only used two to make a dozen), and the roll o magnetic tape was about four bucks (and I only used about one fourth of it).  That’s pretty darn penny-pinchery, if I do say so myself.

And he’s the finished product!

beer cap magnets

There.  All myths dispelled.  These things really are just that simple.

Nudge.  Nudge.  Hey — if you’ve Pinned this before, do ya mind re-Pinning it?  Then people will be directed to this helpful little post…. and I won’t get so many emails about how to make them and “are they really just beer caps and magnets?” and compliments about how cute my dogs are.  April Fool’s.  Keep the e-mails coming… Especially if they’re complimentary ones about my babies.

Free dog bed

See you tomorrow — we finnin’ to paint some spoons up in here!

Holla!   Bye!

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  1. Abita! Brings back happy-New-Orleans-hostel-running memories :D These are fabulous little gifts, and so easy to make – thanks for the (super simple) tutorial. :)

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