Herringbone Lovefest

Herringbone.   I could say lots of things about this lovely pattern… that it is called so because it resembles the bones of a herring (fish)… that it is absolutely different from chevron in that is has a sharp divide at the reversal… that it is often found in wool fabrics, but that I happen to love it most in a larger size and in bright colors… or I could just cut straight to the pretty pictures!

Ok, the last one.

(Just as a reminder, none of these pictures are my own and have been given appropriate credit where I could find the original source — just click on the image or refer to the caption.  If you choose to re-Pin, do so correctly, that is, don’t link them back to this blog.  Thanks!)

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{Source: Perfectly Imperfect}

Google Image Result for http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OwN4Pij9ra4/S-deblpuryI/AAAAAAAABgA/uYMoEUBcaJE/s1600/IMG_0817.JPG

Hannah Kate Flora

Google Image Result for http://cdn.indulgy.com/yY/Mf/Ct/320882160648476183TOVmG5xc.jpg

{Source: Indulgy}

herringbone floor

{Source: Unknown via Pinterest}

Herringbone floor tiles

{Source: Greige Design}

herringbone pillow diy

{Source: Two Delighted}


{Source: Hey, Nice Nails}


{Source: Urban Outfitters}


{Source: Better After}


{Source: Cozamania}

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