E6000 Glue Don’t Play

As you may remember from Tuesday’s post, I was on my way to an audition — in the rain — and broke my favorite shoe.  That is to say one of my favorite pairs of shoes… not necessarily my one singular favorite shoe…  you get it.

Here’s the tragic picture:

Perhaps this means I don’t have my priorities in line, but whatever… I totally cried while walking to the train in Brooklyn.  Fortunately, Josh was with me and talked me down (which is a good thing, since I ended up getting cast in the show that I was auditioning for that day).

However, this left me with only one half of my favorite pair of shoes.

Enter his majesty, E6000 glue…

Now, if you’re not familiar with “the amazing” E6000 glue, you’re probably missing out.  It is basically a miracle worker in tube form (not to be confused with the Helen Keller play).  Obviously, I turned to E6000 in my hour of need.

I waited until the next day, just to make sure the shoe was reeeaaallllly dry (it had been raining, after all), then I used a plastic knife and spread it in between the separated part of the shoe… kinda like peanut butter… a fast-drying, slightly toxic peanut butter, that is.

Caution: If you use this stuff, be very careful.  It’s like a lot of strong glues in that it can actually fuse skin together.  Eek!  The urban legends are true in this case.

Then I squeezed the shoe together and held it like that for about two minutes.  It would have been a good time for a C-clamp if I owned one, but alas I did not, so I used my own kind of C-clamp (get it?  C is for Courtney? #lamejokesarethebest).

I didn’t even go near the shoe until the following day, but when I did, I put them both on and had my own private dance party to that new Usher song (the scream one?)… There are no pictures or video footage of said dance party.

But I do have some after pics of the shoes for you, just so you can see the magic of the glue.

Here’s the sad, Jonah before pic one more time:

Here’s the happy after pic:

Hooray!  Good as new.  No more crying in the middle of Ditmas Avenue for me!  Unless, of course, it happens again — with the other shoe.  (Maybe I should take preventative measures?)

Anyone else out there have a miracle worker crafty thing?  Or an even more superior super duper glue?  Or an amusing skin-fusing anecdote?!  Share :)

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  1. second time entering this, first seemed to bomb, anyway this is great news because my granddaughtr may have same shoes so a double win for you. love your blog

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