(More) Adventures in Spray Painting

I love spray paint.  As I mentioned before, it’s akin to Harry Potter type magic for me, so I do it, like, alllll the time.  (But don’t worry, y’all — I’m not a huffer).

This past summer I spray painted this thrift store find a lovely shade of orange.



Now that I’m home, I’ve hung it in the dog bed corner:

I love how the “yum” from the kitchen is reflected in the mirror at just the right angle.

Remember the Yum letters in the kitchen/wall?

And here’s a close-up:

I’m really digging the orange mirror on the blue wall… #complementarycolorsonthecolorwheel #winning

Inspired by the spray paint magic of the mirror, I spray painted… some more stuff….


this pedestal bowl thing:

(And of course I re-color coordinated the books to match the blue of the bowl.  Duh.)

Then I took this pretty-but-oh-how-much-prettier-it-could-be-with spray-paint mirror….

Covered the mirror part with painter’s tape:

…used an X-acto knife to cut the edges:

Then I threw it away!!!

Just kidding. I spray painted it:

My initial reaction was that I hated it.  I was looking for more of a YELLOW yellow, not so nursery pastel yellow.  Now I like it.  Go figure.

Oh, how I love spray paint.  Better yet, I love spray painting stuff that I have otherwise grown tired of… because I’m reminded of why I liked these things in the first place.

I should buy stock in Krylon.

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  1. Your enthusiastic passions for random craftinesses never fail to make me smile. Enjoyed this post, glad you’re back!

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