The wheels on the CR-V go round and round

Today I’m driving back to NYC with my dear, sweet husband and my two magically perfect dogs (or are they perfectly magical?), thus the absence of any sort of crafty/money saving post. Oh, and I’m doing this on my Android phone using the WordPress app, so that is an adventure unto itself. Thank goodness for Swype text, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this at all… which means I’d just be counting cows… or reading license plates… Or trying to have a conversation with my dogs (I’m sure they know English and could speak, if only they would try harder).

So, until next week, my  posts will probably be sparse if not non-existent… think Ginger Penny Pincher Lite. Except no delicious, yet carcinogenic artificial sweeteners.  And less calories.

Ok. That got weird.

Let’s take a gander at my dogs:


My God, that amount of cuteness shouldn’t be legal.

Hope everyone had a lovely, Olympic weekend!

P.S. We just passed an exit for a place called the Carolina Raptor Center. I cannot tell you how much I need this to be all about dinosaurs. If you’ve been and can confirm that it is not a dinosaur place, but rather a conference center or something equally stuffy and non-Jurassic, I ask that you kindly keep that to yourself. Did I mention I really wanted to be a paleontologist when I was a wee one? There’s an unfortunate story about Kindergarten Courtney going for a “dinosaur dig” one day, only to stumble upon a nest of angry dirt daubers. It wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, all dreams of paleontology were abandoned that day.


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