Unique Wall Art for a Dolla Fi’ty!

Remember my bargain-tastic shopping excursion last week?  No?  That’s ok.  In case you missed it, don’t worry — mountains were not moved and lives were not changed, but I did have a little bit of GPP fun visiting a few discount retailers that are otherwise unavailable to me in the Big Apple.

Among the spoils of my trip, my favorite finds were these notecard sets at Michael’s:

All of that $4.24!  Woo hoo!

Like I mentioned last week, my plan for the notecards was to frame them, matte them, and eventually hang them  in our bathroom, alongside our Star Wars poster.  #maritalcompromise

(I know I already exceeded my hashtag joke quota after yesterday’s post, but I couldn’t help that last one.)

So… I bought a 5 X 7 frame at Dollar Tree (for a dollar).  I chose this size because, even though the notecards are closer to 4×6, I wanted to be able to lay a matte on top (hoping to give it a more finished look).

I spray painted the frame orange (using leftover paint from this project).  Then I took a thick piece of scrapbook paper in one my favorite shades of blue and cut out a matte using the glass and notecard as a template (separately).

Here’s the finished product:

(I should start a something-better-than-my-Android-camera-phone camera fund.  Seriously.)

In case you can’t quite see the art itself, here’s a close-up:

The pack of notecards was only $1.00, but since I only used one, I’m gonna do division (yes, I just pulled up the calculator app on my phone for this one), and from that I have surmised that the card for the wall art only cost $0.166666667.  Also known as sixteen cents (and some friends).  Hot dog!

Then with the frame being a dollar, and the scrapbook paper being about $0.30… that’s just under $1.50.  And because I’ve never had an excuse to spell out the word fi’ty (as in recording artist 50 Cent), I seized the opportunity and rounded up.  So it unofficially cost a dolla fi’ty.

The next step is to do the same thing with the “You are My Sunshine” cards.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that for today’s post because they are tragically MIA.  Like, I’m kinda sad about it (I go back to New York in a week — what if I don’t find them?)  #highclassproblems

(I know, I said I wouldn’t do that anymore.  #fingerscrossedbehindback)

To remind you, this is what they did look like:

Soon appearing on milk cartons everywhere…

Anyone else frame any notecards lately?  Or make any other really cheap wall art?  Or were you too busy having a life?  :)

5 thoughts on “Unique Wall Art for a Dolla Fi’ty!

  1. If you ever wander over to my house, there may or may not be THIS EXACT project happening on my wall. Brilliant idea.

  2. Also: That little entrance ‘discount bin’ area of Target is a great place to pick up cheap/cute note cards as well.

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