Embrace-Your-Inner-Geek Day

Today’s Embrace-Your-Inner-Geek Day!  When I first heard about this, I was excited… then a little let down.  After all, I don’t have much of an inner geek per se.  I mostly wear my geekness on the outside.

Not convinced I’m a geek?

Here’s why I think I fall into that category:

  • I have a serious rock collection
  • I did drama in high school (and elementary and middle and college and… life)
  • I love musical theatre!
  • I love music theory!
  • Jeopardy is one of my favorite TV programs of all time
  • My idea of a good time is reading nonfiction (as well as fiction)
  • I’ve done more than my fair share of weeping while reading Harry Potter
  • I have always prefered compliments on my brains rather than my looks (did I just type that out loud?)
  • One more time: I have a rock collection.

However, if you’re more of an inner geek type, that’s okay too, because today is your day!  I decided to round-up a few of my geeky faves from none other than ThinkGeek.com.  Fitting, yes?  Just click on the image to check it out on their website!

(By the way, ThinkGeek.com is not compensating me in any way.  I just think they’re cool, and I think you will, too.)

Shirt says “The book was better.”

Mockingjay Necklace

Star Wars, Han Solo in carbonite ice cube trays

Oil and Water candle kit

Tiny USB car charger/adapter

Coffee mug with the caffeine molecule

Pi By Numbers t-shirt

Rubik’s Cube coasters

Periodic Table shower curtain

Etch-a-Sketch iPad case

Happy Embrace-Your-Inner-Geek Day!

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