DIY Glass Etching

DIY glass etching.  Yes, I’m new to the party, but I couldn’t resist devoting a little blog time to this awesome technique that I finally found the time to try out.  As with a lot of my projects, DIY glass etching has been on my list for a looong time.  Like November long time.

So, for $6, a trip to my local Michael’s, and a quick rummage through long neglected barware, I was able to get all the necessary materials to complete this project.  Here’s the stuff you’ll need:

Jar of etching cream.  It looks like this:

A glass surface (Pyrex and plastic won’t work)

A paint brush

Latex gloves

Protective glasses


Here’s what I did:

First, I cleaned the jar of any sticky grossness.  Then I made a sort of stencil out of letter stickers and painter’s tape:

This way, once the glass was “etched,” there would be a frosted band with the word “beer” on either side.

Safety time.  Before I even opened the jar of stuff, I put on protective glasses, latex gloves, and went outside.  There are no obnoxious fumes or anything, but this stuff can cause serious burns if it comes into contact with your skin.

Look how cute I am?

This would be a fantastic new headshot.  It would absolutely advance my acting career.

Magic time.  Using the etching liquid (and following the directions on the bottle), I liberally brushed on the solution where I wanted the etched, frosty goodness to appear.  The directions say this on the package, but don’t underestimate them: Apply a very thick layer of the cream.

Then I waited 60 seconds, per the directions’ suggestion, then rinsed it all off and removed the tape and letters.  (Did I mention I wore latex gloves throughout all of this?)

Ooh… Fancy.


I could have filled it with beer as the glass suggests, but I made this at 2:00 in the afternoon, so… too early.  Instead, I put a black place mat in it to give you and idea of the contrast.


Anyone else out there try glass etching?  Am I the only one late to the party?

9 thoughts on “DIY Glass Etching

  1. Yeah, that was almost anti-climactic in its simpleness! So glad to know about this now – thanks GPP! :D

  2. I did it years ago with some cheapie wine glasses and they were a hit! I got some star stickers and those round stickers like for pricing yard sale stuff. I wanted stars and crescent moons but couldn’t find the moons. So I just cut my own out. I stuck them all over the glasses and etched them. Really affordable, personal and pretty!

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