Josh’s Birthday!

Josh turns 27 today — which means I now have to add another year to my new made-up age.  (So that makes me… 24?   Yep.)

It also means that, even though we are 900 miles apart, I get to celebrate the birth of my dear sweet darlin’!

And of course I’m gonna parlay that into a blog post!

First, a humorous picture:

He was rocking out to some 80’s hair band when I took this picture.

More! More!

We’re actors, so these kinds of things are more forgivable.

OK, and now a real picture of him:

That’s my cutie pie husband.

Yeah, I think he’s pretty neat.  And continuing in the spirit of this promotional messge, you should check out his actor website:  (He designed it all himself!)

And aside from performing and a little web designing, he’s also a freelance dog trainer (cue Sesame Street’s “One of these things is not like the other one”).  In fact, he started his own business, Argos DogWorks back in March and business is booming!  (To learn the interesting namesake of his company, check out his website and read the Argos story).

Sidebar: If you or anyone you know is looking for a first rate dog trainer with THE BEST prices in NYC, go no further than Argos DogWorks.  Seriously, if Josh isn’t the best and most affordable dog trainer in the city, I’ll eat my hat (or whatever they say in old timey movies).


Singing, acting, dancing, dog training, basically anything he sets his mind to — Josh can do it all.

Well, except grocery shopping:

He is woefully challenged in that department.

But that’s okay because he has to put up with me and all my crazy Type A ramblings and goings-on, and he does it with a smile.

Just like that.


Check back tomorrow where I’ll continue NYC trip posts!


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