A Trip to NYC and a Tyler Durden Refrigerator

I was in NYC this week to visit my dear sweet hubs, thus the week long blog silence on my end.  Whoops.  But I’ve just accepted this as a fact of this summer.  From August on, I will resume regularly scheduled programming… until then… whatever :)  I’ll do my best, and that is all.

Back to today’s blog:  For those who are slightly confused, I do indeed live with my husband most of the time, but I’ve been working in Atlanta for the past four weeks.  I still have three more weeks before I’m back in NYC for good (or as good as I’ll ever be).  However, I had this whole week off so I decided to visit Josh.

Now Josh was under the impression I was flying to LaGuardia just as he was getting of work on Saturday (“how convenient!”) while in reality I went all sneaky snake on him and invited his sister and our dogs along and DROVE all day Saturday.

This happened:

That’s a lot of freaking miles.

Aside from that, I didn’t get a chance to get any more pictures because I was afraid it would tip off Josh (the cameras on our phones are connected to Dropbox on our home computer, so whenever one of us takes a picture, a little notification pops up).  I also didn’t use my debit card in case he checked the bank account and saw a transaction at an Exxon in North Carolina or a Subway in Maryland or whatever.  And I also turned off my phone for what would have been the duration of my “flight.”  These were just some of the ninja tactics I employed to keep up the ruse, not to mention the countless white lies I told him via text and on the phone that day.  My sister-in-law (and driving companion) noted that I was too good at quickly making up lies to which I assured her that I only use my powers for good.  No, really.

So… after 17 hours in a car, a huge enormous action-packed surprise for Josh, and a good night’s sleep, Amanda and I set about running a few errands Sunday morning (while Josh was at work).  The first order of business: go grocery shopping for Josh.

I can already hear the quasi-feminist backlash saying that he can just go grocery shopping himself, so to quiet those voices, let me just clarify something for you:  No, he cannot.  Don’t believe me?  For the doubtful, I decided to do a before and after picture of the refrigerator:

Remember Tyler Durden in Fight Club talking about the embarrassment of strangers learing he had nothing in his refrigerator but ketchup packets?


After a visit to Stop ‘n Shop (they have free parking in Brooklyn, so obviously I love them), here’s the de-Durden-ified result:

Blurry, I know.

Don’t worry, I got fresh produce, too (it’s hiding in the drawer).

After unpacking the groceries, we spent most of the day in Lower Manhattan, killing time until Josh got off work.  I took Amanda to the 911 memorial in Lower Manhattan which, as you may remember, Josh and I had visited back in April.

Since we were already in the area, we decided to check out the Fulton Stall Market and the shops around South Street Seaport.  And guess what?  I spent TWENTY TWO DOLLARS on a headband.  No really, hand to God.  And yeah, maybe right now you’re scrolling back up to the top of this webpage and going “Wait, I thought you were the ‘Ginger Penny Pincher’?”  I know, I know.  But look!  Isn’t it pretty?

I know… now you’re looking at it and thinking I could have made five headbands like this for the price of one.  I know… I KNOW!!!   (By the way, these are all things Josh said while shaking his head at me.)

But $22 or not, I was smitten, I wanted to buy it, and buy it I did.  And… I’ve basically worn it every day since then (if that gives me any credibility).  Sometimes you just have to splurge, even in the face of DIY adversity (and it’s not as bad as splurging on a $500 handbag, so… forgive me?)

Moving on.  In our mostly window shopping that day, we also visited a store called Superdry (which is actually named after a Japanese beer, so it has nothing to do with absorbent work-out clothing like we originally thought).  The store was pretty cool — like, if H&M and PacSun had a lovechild, it’d probably be this store.

However, my favorite part of this store was the chandelier that was hanging in the entrance:

It reminded me of the many mason jar pendant lights/chandeliers I’ve seen all over the Blogosphere and Pinterest, but better.  When I asked the sales associate how much the chandelier cost, he just laughed (he thought I was kidding).

We assumed this chandelier was unique to this particular location, but we also saw a smaller version at another Superdry location uptown.  Fabulous.

Oh wait! I’m not telling this in chronological order.  Before we did all of this stuff, we checked out the Dekalb Market in downtown Brooklyn (not to be confused with the Dekalb Farmers Market in Atlanta from this previous post).

And that’s when I got really excited about pictures:

It’s an open-air market with food and crafty/gift item tents, as well as a garden:

On the weekends, this area is full of tents with artists and vendors, however it’s still busy during the week as they have a few permanent shops built into old shipping containers:

(And they’re climate-controlled!)

Obviously, I love this place.  Repurposed items and building materials?  Check.  Unique, one-of-a-kind goods from local artists and vendors?  Check.  Cool industrial eclectic decor?  Check.

They even have planters made out of wooden pallets, and you know I love recycled wooden pallets.

I also hear they have great food, but it was so extraordinarily hot, we couldn’t handle much more than the hour we spent there, so we didn’t find out for ourselves (though ducking into the shipping containers with their AC units was a sweet relief).

As we were leaving we noticed these quirky little statues on the top of the shipping containers:

(For more info about the Dekalb Market, visit their website.)

Whew.  The 911 memorial, A grocery shopping marathon, a shipping container market, a $22 headband, and lots of other shopping, and that was just Sunday.  Fortunately, Josh had Monday through Wednesday off so we were able to spend time with him, too, but the other days weren’t nearly as ambitious as Sunday.  And that was perfectly fine with us.

But that’s all for today.  I’ll share the rest of our trip tomorrow, including a visit to the Met, Union Square, fireworks over the Hudson, Times Square, Chinatown, Little Italy, and more sunscreen than you’ve probably ever worn in your life (unless you’re a sad little UV ray-challenged ginger like me… and then you might understand).

Until tomorrow :)