Something Else That Teresa Did

My mother, Teresa — oh, the jokes — is a frequent guest on this little blog of mine, and considering her crafty prowess, this should come as no surprise.  Remember the Statue of Liberty pillow?

Statue of Liberty pillow

Statue of Liberty pillow

Allll Teresa.

And the David Bromstadt inspired painting (that I took a really bad picture of)?

David Bromstad inspired painting

And the antique Singer sewing machine dining room table?

antique singer sewing machine dining room table

All her ideas.

(This post is 100% my mama…  I take no credit.  I just took the pictures and wrote the quasi-tutorial.)

My mother has been dabbling with simple and cost-effective gift ideas because she and some other women from the Lilburn Women’s Club are having a booth at an upcoming craft fair.  All proceeds go to a scholarship fund they’ve created for high school seniors pursuing degrees in the arts.  So, as little overhead as possible is the idea, and today’s idea definitely meets that requirement.

They can be used as a brooch pin, headband charm, or a hair pin:

She uses the pre-cut sheets of felt that you can get at most fabric or arts & crafts stores.  These were 2 for $1.

Of course, you can make your own template, but she found these nesting cookie cutters that were already a great flower shape, so she’s been using those.

She cuts out each layer…

Then stacks them and sews them through the middle:

To cover up the thread and give the flowers a center, she sews on a few beads:

I think they’d be fun for adults, but I especially like them for young girls (I see variations of this same idea on my students’ clothes and hair all the time).

Oooh!  Let’s look at some more…

At $0.50 a sheet (and one sheet can make many petal layers), this is a super cost-effective gift option.

So many pretties…  Isn’t Teresa so clever?

(I know deep down she really loves this picture) :

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