A Belated Mother’s Day LuncheonI

After I got settled into my summer home in Atlanta, i.e., my parents’ house, the first order of business was to throw my mom a well-deserved and belated Mother’s Day luncheon.  Yes, June is the month for Father’s Day, however I was in NYC for the real Mother’ Day, so I had some catching up to do.  And I decided I didn’t want to just give her a gift or take her out for dinner — I wanted to cook for her.  And to make it more special, I decided to make a tablescape.  (Yes!)

My mother is the master misstress? of party decor so she has more plates, tablecloths, napkin rings, napkins, glasses, and vases than should be legal.  So while I considered the full-on DIY route, it just made more sense to use some of the great stuff she already has, but in a new combination.

I took a round tablecloth otherwise intended for the outdoor patio set, but whatever.  It was pretty and paisley and just happened to match these plates perfectly.

The napkins were some leftovers from a previous party/bunco night/fundraiser/something that she had hosted.  I rolled them up and wrapped them with some (faux) pearl naking rings that she had made for… some other party/fundraiser/bunco night thing.  She stays extraordinarily busy.

The glasses were actually just some plastic cups with blue dots.  She uses them every day, but they looked so aahhh…. with the dotted plates, it just seemed the obvious choice.


The centerpiece was super easy and fantastically free:  I took a lime green vase and stuck in three hydrangeas from her yard.

Then I took two strand of pearls (we both have the same ones) and loosely wrapped those around the vase.

Even my left-brained, fashion-and-decor challenged, electrical engineer father said he really thought “the flowers really tie the whole thing together.”  (Success!)

Here was our lovely suburban garden view:

(It makes my fire escape view back in Brooklyn look both sad and comical by comparison.)

The menu for the luncheon included Waldorf salad, Quiche Lorraine, and raspberry tea.  I was all ready to take pictures of our meal, but then… we ate it.  However, Scouts’ Honor, it was both pretty to look at and delicious to eat.  And that’s the general consensus (my dad even ate the quiche, which I consider a big step for him!).

Anybody else find a reason lately to throw a party or decorate a table or make yummy food?  Or all three?  Share!


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  1. This really turned out nice! I love taking my entertaining “stash” (which is probably pathetically small compared to your mother’s) and re-purposing things in new and interesting ways to get a fresh look.

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