The Foyer Makeover (A Good Ol’ Before and After)

The images you are about see are of a graphic nature.

Ok, not really… But pretty hideous, right?  That is the foyer in our apartment, and this is basically the way it has looked for the past nine months.  We’re not proud of this fact (and if you can imagine, it’s even worse on a rainy or snowy day, with wet and drying rain boots, umbrellas, and towels for drying dog paws).

Surprisingly, it’s the foyer is pretty big for an NYC apartment, so we thought ourselves clever by adding some box shelves that we’ve used in previous apartments.  The effect was less than desirable (though functional).

Josh found a wooden pallet (you know I love those), which we thought we could use as shelving or as a hanging/drying station.  However we were nervous about installing something this heavy on our fragile plaster walls (if you remember from this post, they’re irritatingly delicate), so we eventually vetoed this idea (but not until after months of going “Could we?”).

When I found these awesome hooks at the dollar store (they were actually a dollar each), I knew I was on to something.

Of course I painted them (is anyone surprised?).  But first I had to remove all of the bleck brass hardware:

Then I spray painted the hooks with a metallic silver paint meant for metal (“I’d like to thank my fire escape and the hardware store down the street owned by that very nice Orthodox Jewish man”).

Then I painted the wood with the same paints (and in a similar technique) that I used in the painted wooden spoons project:

Of course, Rosario (and all of her friends) were of great help to me.

Then… it was time to hang the hooks:

As you remember from a couple of weeks ago, I also gave the ghastly 70’s intercom cover a makeover:

It’s a little sparse right now (especially on the opposite side), so we’re looking to add a few smaller things, including painting the door GREEN.

I’m pretty pleased with overall effect, especially since this is the first glimpse people get when they enter our apartment (including us), so I like that it’s a pleasant anteroom to an apartment that I already think is in pretty good shape.

Yes ma’am.  I like it.  Now, if only I had a better camera.