A Mini Makeover Plus a Really Long Preface

Guess what?  I don’t wake up and write blog posts daily… nor do I drink coffee, read the morning paper, or shave my legs (every day).  The last three things are unrelated — I’m just trying to paint a certain picture for you…

So while I am in Atlanta right now, you might find it curious that I am showing you a mini makeover from a room in my NYC apartment… as if to say “Oh, this little ol’ project?  I just did this yesterday, after I dropped the kids off at croquet lessons.” (There are no real kids in this scenario, just the dogs… who don’t like croquet…. so you know I’m telling a tall tale.  Get it?!)

I actually did this project back a few weeks ago and… I. WITHELD. IT. FROM. YOU.

(Does that sound as wrong as it felt to type?)

But I did this for good reason, because while I’m in Atlanta having a grand, old time, I also happen to be so busy that I don’t have nearly as much time to focus on the blog as I did back in NYC (nor do I have the 2 hour train commute — both ways — that I had in NYC, which was some of my most productive post writing time).  And this is something I figured out before I left for the summer, so I wrote this — and a lot of other posts — in advance.

Wow, talk about an unnecessary preface…


Ok, so since things moved around with the addition of the bicycle wheel and other Courtney-fickleness, the wall by Josh’s side of the bed was looking a little shmeh.  I thought sticking the David Bromstadt inspired painting over there would be a swell idea, but it just looked sort of green-crazy.

So, we said see ya later to the painting (we’ll find another place for it really soon!) and hello to DIY Subway Art (oh, you remember).  With this switcheroo, came a few other other changes…

See the changes on the shelf?  I used leftover jars, painting the inside of one Tiffany Blue.  Using sales fliers, I made three paper flowers and attached them with green tape to bamboo skewers.  These little projects were super easy and free for me (since I already had the supplies lying around), and I love the extra color it gives to the shelf.

Taking this oil rubbed bronze two-tiered fruit basket, I made a catch-all-for-Josh’s-everyday crap manly accouterments by adding two bowls that just magically fit (I love the basket for its intended use, but if you’ve seen my kitchen/wall, you know I have no kitchen space so a lot of things have needed new homes).

I finished the nook off by adding a silver box that a neighbor gave me for my wedding and a red alligator skin flask that my friend, Megan gave me for Lent. (That last part about Lent is untrue and slightly irreverent.  Ha.)

Now this is a shmeh-free zone.  Thank goodness!

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