I moved to Atlanta!

That title is a it misleading, but I had to reel you in somehow.  Before I launch into the full meaning of that, let me explain the deal for the next eight weeks, two months, blahbitty blah number of days (I’m not interested in math right now).

I am currently in Atlanta, and will be for… that period of time mentioned above.  Yes, Josh and I are still married.  No, we are not separated (far from it). While Josh is staying back in NYC to work (and continue taking over the world, as he has been doing for some time), I will be choreographing for a children’s theatre for the summer.

It’s no blog secret that Josh and I are both actors and singers (primarily theatre) — thus, the reason for moving to NYC in the first place.  And the deal with NYC is that if you want to be a working actor, you must audition.  In order to audition, especially if you’re a musical theatre actor like me, you must be able to sing.  In order to sing, you have to be well.  And as you may remember this previous post I was not 100% (or even close) for like four months.  For real.  A combination of a sinus infection and then a bitchin’ case of the flu that hung on like a steroid-infused rock climber left me in a laryngitis-type state (and who knows? Maybe I had laryngitis too?).

This rendered me unable to go to any auditions during the prime “audition season” (which is basically February, March, and April)… so no prospects for summer work (again non-actors: to get work, you have to audition — recommendation letters just don’t work).  Boo.

Fortunately, God likes me to stay employed (at least for now), because somewhere around March, I was asked to return to teach for Atlanta Children’s Theatre for a third summer (even though the director knows I’ve moved to NYC, she thought I might be willing to come down for a few weeks — Hallelujah!).

I’m doing it for the love of the children (and the money).
{Source: Buckhead Patch}

Again, this isn’t a permanent move — I’ll just be in the ATL until the end of July.  However, while I’m here (and when I’m not choreographing), I will be milking the bejeesus out of my suburban surroundings.  I look forward to writing a slew of crafty posts with my crafty mama. I also hope to do some posts about Atlanta, especially since it is such an affordable and awesome city to live in and to visit!

Brace yourself GPP readers, it’s about to get reeeal Southern up in here!