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As you may remember from previous posts, Josh and I moved here to NYC a little less than a year ago (which is a surreal fact in itself).  And while we like it here — we appreciate where we’ve come from and where we’re headed — we’re not ones to  stay in one place forever and ever… just because.  We’re not opposed to it, but we don’t necessarily see ourselves living out our days here in the Big Apple (but who knows — things could change).  We’re young enough to where we don’t see ourselves starting a family for a few years, and in the meantime “anyplace we hang our hat is home.”  (To my confused and newer readers, long story short: Josh and I are both actors and singers, so moving to NYC, at least for a little while, was a logical progression at some point in our careers.)

Given the fact that our time in NYC may have an expiration date (but definitely not for another year and a half), we’ve decided to compile a bucket list of sorts, that way we leave the city having seen all of the attractions and places that we wanted to see.

However, as we were going along, the NYC bucket list started progressing to more of a Northeastern bucket list.  After all, this region is home to one our nation’s megalopolises — chock full of major cities within a few hours drive (Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Washington D.C.)–  it’s hard to imagine not taking advantage of the close proximity.

And it’s one thing for Josh and I to make a list on a piece of paper, but it’s another to have that list displayed somewhere as a constant reminder (the constant reminder part being important because Josh and I are quite skilled at staying home and doing absolutely nothing on a day off if we’re not reminded of what’s out there).

So, armed with a few cork tiles that my mom gave me, along with a bevy of brightly colored post-it notes and silver thumbtacks, we got to work.

We chose to put it on our bathroom door, something we see all day long, but especially first thing in the morning and right before bed.  This has been good for us, especially on the night before a mutual day off, because we see it, we look at each other, and then we try to figure what we can cross off for the next day.

We just began this resolve about two weeks ago, which just so happens to be two of the busier weeks we’ve had in a while, so we haven’t exactly been crossing off a lot of items (which is the system we’re using, as opposed to just removing the post-it’s from the board — that way we see have far we’ve come).

So far we’ve knocked off visiting Chinatown (about as underwhelming as possible), the 9/11 Memorial (beautiful), and Public Housing Works Thrift Shops (it’s the little things that thrill me).

Here are a few more highlights from our Northeastern Bucket List:

  • Seeing more Broadway and Off-Broadway shows
  • Visiting BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music — a great local venue)
  • Shopping and more shopping
  • Picnic and carriage ride through Central Park
  • The top of the Empire State Building
  • Riding the Staten Island Ferry
  • Visiting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty
  • A looong list of restaurants
  • Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center during the holidays
  • Visiting:

◦        Washington D.C.

◦        Baltimore

◦        Philadelphia

◦        Boston

◦        Atlantic City (why not?)

  • And the list goes on…

It’s hard to imagine we haven’t done some of these things, even as tourists in prior visits to NYC, but the fact of the matter is that with working, rehearsing, performing, and being sick (a lot, in my case), we just haven’t found the time (until now).

As we think of more things, whether they be major attractions or just unique shops or restaurants, we’ll add them to the board.

How about you lovely readers?  Do you have a bucket list of sorts?  Share!

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2 thoughts on “Northeastern Bucket List

  1. Courtney, I went to Shorter with you and Josh (Josh and I were RAs at the same time, I believe). I’m going to school in Boston; so when I saw this post, I wanted to help you cross Boston off your bucket list. I live 0.5 mile from Fenway park and right next to the Boston Pops Symphony Hall. I have walked the Freedom Trial several times and know all the stories that the tour guides tell (but at no cost). I’ve also discovered some of the lesser-known gems that aren’t on a tourist map. ;-) If you ever need maps, suggestions, or a tour guide, please let me know. I’d be more than happy to help.
    P.S. Your blog is wonderful! I love your light-hearted writing style and amazing ideas.

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